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Aquarian Resonance: Journey to India with Amandeep Singh

 By Dr. Siri Chand Kaur Khalsa

Editor’s Note: Amandeep Singh is a highly esteemed, eminent scholar studying Baba Siri Chand, the ascetic yogi son of Guru Nanak who worked to unite the various yoga sects of the time. Amandeep teaches from the perspective of many different traditions, including the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, to give a complete picture of who Baba Siri Chand was historically and spiritually.

A resounding bellow from the conch shell filled the yoga room at Dashmesh Sadan, Yogi Bhajan’s retreat center in Anandpur Sahib, North Punjab, India. Silently appreciating the depth of the gift at hand, I found a compelling nudge to go further into the meditation beyond where my mind thought I could reside. With a deep breath I pressed through the vigorous set. Afterwards, reflecting with the other students present, there was a collective agreement that the experience of class that day had been transforming for body, mind, and spirit. On one level, we were learning the great history and traditions of Kundalini Yoga as given through the Sikh lineage, and on another we were awakening to our own inner capacity under the steady guidance of our teacher, Amandeep Singh. Surrounded by the masterful and assured presence of Amandeep, I was on my second trip to India to participate in his course on the historical relevance and teachings of Baba Siri Chand. My first time was in 2008 when there was a small group who had gathered from all corners of the Earth. This time, in 2009, twenty-five of us from the Phoenix sangat had embarked on a sacred yatra to India and incorporated Amandeep’s course into our trip.

A degree from Oxford in transpersonal health and hours of study of the sacred Sikh and Yogic spiritual texts has catapulted Amandeep to become a true bridge of light between East and West. Raised in Punjab and Singapore, Amandeep had an abiding love for the traditions of Baba Siri Chand. However, it was not until he found the teachings of Yogi Bhajan that he began to synthesize the subtle blessings in them for the householder. In the last years he has been busy meeting and meditating with many great Sikh teachers and sages. With these travels and continued reverence for the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Amandeep has deepened his connection with Yogi Bhajan. Life has been blooming with teaching opportunities at Yoga Centers around the world. This rich amalgam of traditions and teaching is allowing him to serve the divine mission of Guru Ram Das to create a heart-centered world and to bring the healing love of Guru Ram Das into these times of turmoil as we move from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age.

Amandeep is very accessible as a teacher and is willing to share his vast knowledge. One day while sitting at an amazing homemade breakfast of parathas and yogurt at Dashmesh Sadan, I asked about the grace held in my spiritual name. Yogiji has given us a tremendous gift to have a spiritual name—a name that when spoken is always propelling us to our higher destiny. Drawing from his rich knowledge of Gurmukhi and Sanskrit he explained the derivation of Siri Chand. His interpretation was so inspiring! Hearing my name spoken was never the same again. Catch him at dinner and you might overhear him talking about the role of the Udasi Sikhs, the disciples of Baba Siri Chand, who worked near the Golden Temple at Brahm Buta, which is a centuries old Yogic center of healing and innovation. Listen a bit longer and the conversation may progress to a deep discussion on the Yogic Lineage given by Guru Gobind Singh.[1]

Upcoming Retreats in India

Courses coming up in India include a Yatra and a Retreat at Dashmesh Sadan on the teachings of Baba Siri Chand as well as a “Welcoming the Aquarian Age in Silence Retreat” (11.11.11) at a Nirmala Ashram near New Delhi. The Baba Sri Chand Retreat will connect you with your yogic roots while meditating and visiting the ancient sacred sites of the Gurus, Sufis, and Yogis. Everyone from Phoenix was enthralled by the tour and many would consider taking the course again. With the silent retreat one can begin to look at the chatter that sits beneath our actions and take the time to develop a rare inner silence. Become so still that you can observe a thought becoming an arrow penetrating the winds of the mind. Create a clear intention for the beginning of the Aquarian Age and return home with renewed vigor, confidence, and connection to the deep purpose of your life.

Amandeep has compiled a series of workshops that deeply bring forth the metaphysical and subtle beauty of the ancient yogis and Sikh Gurus—information that has been closely guarded and that is challenging for a westerner to even begin to decipher. A river flowing forward from an ocean of vast knowledge, Amandeep is introducing concepts and workshops at the pace that is needed for these times. His reverence for the Yogic-Sikh traditions that have been lost due to politics is great. He teaches the profound technology woven between Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, sacred Sikh texts, and Sikh Gurus. If you have a “feeling” that going to India and studying with Amandeep Singh would be good, it may be an invitation from the Divine. I have benefited immeasurably from his insights and classes. Now is the time to make the choice to travel to India and learn this rich transmission of history, lineage, and legacy.

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[1] The 10thSikh Guru