The Sensory Human

"Our creativity will be our sensory system. And through this sensory system we will be overflowing with energy, touching the hearts of people, and feeling their feeling, and filling their emptiness. We will act great and our flow will fulfill the gratefulness in the hearts of others. It will be a new relationship. We will create a new humanity, which will have the new sensory system, and thus we will establish the Age of Aquarius. This is the fundamental character you have to learn by heart." Yogi Bhajan Everyday Calendar quote 6.16.09

The Age of Aquarius began on November 11, 2011. We can see evidence all around us of how the horizon of the human mind is growing. Space ships fly to other planets, land on their surfaces and send back information to the entire human race. The Internet has created a cyber space that is truly limitless in size and experience. The human mind processes more information in one day than people had to process during an entire lifetime in the 1700’s. The demands on the human brain and the nervous system have never been as great as they are today.

In response to these demands, humans are beginning to evolve a sensory system that allows them to live as intuitive, multi-faceted beings. However, evolution is a tricky process and not everyone will be capable of making the change. Yogi Bhajan often said that what worked in the past will no longer work in the future. Those who cannot make the shift will freak out and fall apart. He taught Kundalini Yoga so that people would have techniques to consciously develop the sensory system. He also encouraged those who practiced Kundalini Yoga to become teachers, so they could serve and heal others.

Questions and Answers About the Sensory Human

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