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Acts of Kindness

By Sirin Kirin aka Kathe Forrest

The first thing that came to my mind on seeing the subject for this month—Live to Give—was “Random Acts of Kindness” and then I read a Yogi Bhajan quote:

“Serve everybody who comes your way; touch everybody who comes your way; inspire everybody who comes your way; heal everybody who comes your way. Be nice, kind and compassionate to everybody who comes your way.”

Random acts of kindness and Yogiji’s quote above fit perfectly together. Every day can be an act of love and compassion through serving.

Jesus, another great teacher, said, “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me…”

We so need these acts of care and love every day and in these times.

I asked my yoga class this morning, “How can we uplift humanity and give and serve others?”

Their answers were:

  • If you are next to someone at the grocery store, engage them in a positive conversation, even if it is, “These avocados look yummy.”
  • Smile at everyone.
  • Care for the sick and elderly.
  • Make food for a neighbor.
  • If you see someone struggling in one of those electric carts ask if you can help them reach something.
  • Join hospice or another organization to volunteer.

One student told a story: “The other day I was driving around Austin and was feeling so depressed, almost in tears. I saw a homeless person on the road and quickly made a U turn and drove into a taco place. I bought him some food and gave it to him. After that, I felt great; that act drew me up and away from my sadness. It was so incredible.”

There are people taking huge steps to end hunger and uplift nations but for most of us it is not possible to do that. However, what we can do every day to make the places we live, work, or play in better, is serve each other.

Yogi Bhajan gave us many ways to spread the light. Class today included Balance the Mind in the Group Energy. Check it out—it has quiet meditation, singing, moving, dancing and patty-cake.

We laughed and you will too.

Siri Kirin Kaur/Kathe Forrest is the author of The 40 Day Sadhana Companion. This is a journal for a 40-day practice of meditation and yoga. The journal has been translated into Spanish and soon to be in Italian. Kathe teaches in Brenham, Texas, and her seva is working with the local Hospice organization. The book is available here.