Helping People through Reflexology

Hari Simran Singh is the Founder of a school of reflexology called Sat Guru Charan, based on massage techniques taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Sat Guru Charan® is an effective method to create both physical and physiological well-being, as well as energetic and emotional balance, creativity and clarity of mind.

The treatment consists of a full foot massage which, through a sequence of steps, finger rotations and specific patterns, facilitates the patient’s relaxation and re-establishes the natural physical, mental and emotional balance.

The meditative state allows the SGC therapist to maintain a deep level of listening and attention towards the person, thus grasping the salient and causal aspects of discomfort and tension.

In addition to having a beneficial effect on the body, it promotes deep relaxation and reduces stress. It does not cause tickling, pain and has no contraindications; it is neither in conflict nor alternative, but rather in synergy and collaboration, with traditional medicine. It is a method accessible to everyone, adults, children, pregnant women, elderly people.

SGC is ideal to relieve disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, migraines, headaches, depression, compulsions of various nature, lack of motivation and stress-related disorders, sexual problems and disorders and difficulties related to pregnancy and procreation.

The study and application of this Sat Guru Charan® method are increasingly in demand, especially to cope with new forms of stress such as those generated following the Covid emergency and derived from the use of digital technology. SGC is an innovative system in the field of foot reflexology, which has its roots in ancient Indian knowledge and Yoga, giving life to a massage that goes far beyond traditional foot reflexology.

Hari Simran Singh Khalsa is from Rome, Italy.

He began Kundalini Yoga in the late 1970’s and first met Yogi Bhajan in 1980 in Hamburg, Germany.

Hari Simran lived in ashrams in Rome, Italy, Hamburg, Germany, Copenhagen, Denmark, and was the founder of the Guru Ram Das Ashram in Thessaloniki, Greece.

He was a Lead Trainer of level 1 and 2 with KRI.

He is a therapist and philosopher, yoga teacher and Life Counselor.

He founded the method Sat Guru Charan and the SGC Reflexology School with a meditative approach and is the author of the book At the Feet of True Consciousness.

He teaches Masterclasses and courses in Italy and around the world, and online in Italian, English and Greek. He personally takes care of the training of each therapist and teacher of the SGC School; his intention is to serve humanity through Sat Guru Charan that can be integrated with conventional methods of treatment.

Since he was a boy he felt a strong attraction for Yoga as a form of conscious transformation and an instrument of rebalancing and renewal.

The study and experience of Yoga lead him to deepen meditation and its use for therapeutic and preventive purposes. This is a path that led him to specialize in stress management, the enhancement of people’s individual talent and conscious communication.

Inspired by his teacher at the end of the 80’s, he began to lay the foundations for Sat Guru Charan based on the meditative approach, human values and on a channeling of original teachings. He further defined the principles, philosophy and technology of this method. In the last 10 years, he has been engaged alongside associations, foundations and charity initiatives. He has been invited as a speaker at the Italian Parliament as part of an initiative to educate about natural medicines and therapies. He teaches Sat Guru Charan courses for pregnancy and childbirth preparation at the Santo Spirito Hospital in Rome for the Hospital Medical School. He recently began a formal collaboration with other hospitals and medical centers in Naples, Italy, to improve patient care and with renowned researchers to study the effects of Sat Guru Charan and KY on the function of the immune, endocrine and lymphatic systems.