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Yogic Living: Women Leading

Calling all women of the world: Step into the power and grace of the divine feminine. Inspire and lead through the depth and radiance of your being. Bring your light, your love, and your intelligence to the fore. The world needs your leadership and wisdom now.

Women of all ages, races, faiths, and nationalities are working to bring peace, compassion, and healing to humanity. Join in!

Kundalini Yoga Technology

Withstand the Pressure of Time

This is a powerful and energetic kriya for a full tune-up of the nervous system. If the nerves are not tuned up, you will not be able to withstand the pressure of time. This kriya also works on two problems common to women: locked pelvis and locked shoulders.

The Woman’s Set 
This kriya is designed to keep your spine, organs and nervous system strong and healthy, particularly relieving tension in the ovaries. If practiced everyday it can give you beauty, radiance and grace.

Meditation on Woman: The Ashtabhuja 
"Let there be eight powerful hands, four on each side, out from your shoulders. That is the image of the Ashtabhuja, the omniscient and omni-powerful woman to whom God bows."

Me within Me: A Meditation for Self-Affirmation
Practicing this meditation powerfully affirms our purity, grace, and mastery, and thereby affirms our worthiness to receive. This is an affirmation to hold in consciousness as a guideline for our lives.

Reverse Adi Shakti Kriya: Creating Self-Love
Can you spare seventeen minutes in twenty-four hours for yourself? This meditation will totally change you from the inside out. It will give you self-consciousness, self-experience, self-love and then you can love everybody. Become total.

The Women’s Set for Pleasure and Happiness
Women are really a combination of molecules living by means of the pranic body (life-force energy). Our creativity flows from our sensory system. Through this sensory system flows incredible energy, and this is what touches the hearts of others.

Meditation to Keep Up with our Children
Build vitality and energy so that you have the stamina, the strength, and courage—in the face of extreme demands and fatigue—to keep going, and to constantly bring you back to your own divinity, your own grace, as the Adi Shakti, the Great Mother.

Outward Bound Kriya
This kriya prepares you to meet the world head on—vibrant and strong. Because our female reproductive system is totally internal, we require vigorous, daily exercise in order to have enough extroverted energy to really excel and work in today's world. 

Meditation to Totally Recharge You
Also known as The Caliber of Life Meditation, this meditation totally recharges you. It is an antidote to depression. It builds a new system, gives you the capacity and caliber to deal with life, and gives you a direct relationship with your pranic body.

Kriya for Becoming Intuitive
These exercises gently recharge and enrich your energy and counteract frustration, depression, and computer sicknesses. Imagine that something very pure and divine in you is calling. Reach out and make contact with your own Infinity. Create a feeling of being exalted by your own self.

Experience Your Own Strength
This meditation invokes guidance and sustenance; all powers come to serve your true purpose.

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya
This meditation opens your inner universe to relate, co-create, and complete the external universe. 

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