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Psyche of the Mother Meditation

Taught on July 11, 1986

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.

Mudra: Make a cradle with your arms. The left arm is underneath the right, and the left hand holds the right elbow. The right hand is relaxed and flat against the body. On each stroke of the inhale, the arms lift up and down slightly and very gently, as though you are bouncing a baby.

Breath & Mantra: Listen to the mantra Rakhe Rakhanhaar. Inhale in 8 strokes on the first line of the mantra, exhale in one long stroke through the nose on the second line of the mantra. Continue in this way, alternating the 8-stroke inhalation and the long exhalation with the lines of the mantra.

Rakhay rakhanhaar aap ubaarian

Gur kee pairee paa-eh kaaj savaarian

Hoaa aap dayaal manho na visaarian

Saadhjanaa kai sang bhavjal taarian

Saakat nindak dusht khin maa-eh bidaarian

Tissaahib kee tayk naanak manai maa-eh

Jis simrat sukh ho-eh saglay dookhjaa-eh

Time: 31 minutes


Experience what a Mother does. Imagine there's a baby cradled in your arms. With each inhale you are caring for it. Each time you inhale the cradle rises up and down very gently. Don't feel shy. It is very accurate.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

This meditation can be found in I Am a Woman: Essential Kriyas for Women in the Aquarian Age, available through KRI.