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Outward Bound Kriya

The Outward Bound kriya prepares you to meet the world head on—vibrant and strong. Because a woman's reproductive system is totally internal, we require vigorous, daily exercise in order to have enough extroverted energy to really excel and work in today's world. This set is a perfect example of how to bring that internal energy out.

1. Leg Lift Variation. Lie flat on the back. Lift one leg to 90 degrees. Keeping it raised, lift the other leg up to 45 degrees. Bring them both down at the same time. Switch legs and repeat. Continue for 11 minutes.

This brings healing to your entire "apana" area: gonads, pelvis, and uterus—very important for women.



2. Plow Pose. Lie flat with hands extended over the head on the ground. Raise the legs up over the head, and bring them back down. 52 times.


3. Frog Pose Variation. Begin in Frog Pose, squatting, with both hands touching the ground in front. As you extend the hips up, bring the left hand to the heart. Then settle back down in Frog Pose, both hands on the ground. Extend up again and bring the right hand to the heart, and then squat back down, both hands back on the ground. Alternate. The heels remain off the ground. Continue in a brisk fashion. 54 times.


4. Forward Bends. Standing up, inhale and reach the arms up to the sky. Exhale, bend over at the waist and touch the ground. Continue 54 times.


5. Front Stretch Variation. Sit with the legs stretched out front. Lengthening the spine, grab the feet, bending forward from the navel, bringing the torso toward the knees. Hold this posture and roll the neck around in a circle. 52 circles.


6. Bow Pose. Lying flat on the stomach, reach back and grab the ankles. Inhale and stretch upwards into Bow Pose, arching the head back. Exhale and relax the thighs and head down to the ground. Breathe powerfully. 74 times. 


7. Deep Relaxation. Lie flat on the back and relax the entlre body to the sound of the Gong (if availabte.) Yogi Bhajan played the Nobility song as the last part of the relaxation.

©3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. Used with permission.