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Kundalini Yoga: The Woman’s Set

This kriya will take 45 minutes to complete, when practiced for designated times. This kriya is designed to keep your spine, organs and nervous system strong and healthy. It works on keeping the female organs healthy, particularly relieving tension in the ovaries. If practiced everyday it can give you beauty, radiance and grace.

1. Rock Pose. Sit on heels, palms on thighs or hands relaxed in lap, spine straight. Relax meditatively in this position. 3 minutes.


2. Life Nerve Stretch. For this set, Life Nerve Stretch can be done in 3 ways: a) Sit on the right heel, left leg extended straight out. Change sides. 3 minutes on each side. b) Or extend the left leg straight, and draw the right foot to groin. Change sides. 3 minutes on each side. c) Or extend both legs straight out in front. 3 minutes.

Grab the big toe(s) in finger-lock. Inhale, lengthen the spine. Exhale, bend forward bringing chest to thighs, and nose to knees. Avoid leading with the head. In all 3 variations, use Long deep Breathing.


3. Camel Pose. Come up onto the knees, thighs perpendicular to the floor. Arch back, holding onto heels. Let head fall back, Press hips forward. Long, deep breathing. 3 minutes. This exercise adjusts the reproductive organs.


4. Shoulder Stand. From lying on the back, place the hands on the sides of the hips, just below the waist, and bring the hips and legs up to a vertical position, spine and legs perpendicular to the ground. Support the weight of the body on the elbows and shoulders using the hands to support the lower spine. The chin is pressed into the chest. Long, deep breathing. 3 minutes. This exercise releases pressure on all of the organs and stimulates the thyroid gland.


5. Archer Pose. Bring the right foot forward so that the feet are 2-3 feet apart. The right toes face forward while the left foot comes to a 45 degree angle, with the heel back and the toes forward. The left leg stays straight and strong as the right knee bends until the thigh is almost parallel to the ground (do not let the knee go beyond the toes); tuck the tailbone. Curl the fingers of both hands onto the palms, thumbs pulled back. As if pulling back a bow and arrow, lift the right arm up, extended forward parallel to the ground, over the right knee. The left arm, bent at the elbow, pulls back until the fist is at the left shoulder. Pull Neck Lock. chin in, chest out. Feel this stretch across the chest. Eyes stare beyond the thumb to Infinity. Practice for 5 minutes on each side.


6. Baby Pose. Sit on the heels. Bring the forehead to ground. Arms relaxed at the sides with palms facing up. 3 minutes.


7. Bow Pose. Come onto the stomach. Grab the ankles, and use the thigh muscles to pull the upper body off the ground. Raise the legs off the ground. As the chest lifts, let the head follow. Hold position with Long deep Breathing. 3 minutes.


8. Locust Pose. Still on the stomach, feet together, with the chin on the ground, place the fists under the hips where the hips and thighs join. Raise the legs up, and the back of the thighs to keep the legs together. Breathe long and deep. 3 minutes.


9. Cow Pose. Come onto the hands and knees. The hands are shoulder-width apart, with fingers facing forward, knees directly under the hips, and the big toes together behind you. Inhale and tilt the pelvis forward, arching the spine down, with head and neck stretched back. Do not scrunch the neck. Open the heart and raise the chin as far as you can without collapsing the neck. Hold with long, deep breathing. 3 minutes.


10. Cat Pose. Beginning in cow Pose, tilt the pelvis the opposite way, arching the spine up, pressing the chin into the chest, arched up like an angry cat. Hold with long, deep breathing. 3 minutes.


11. Stretch Pose. Lie on the back with the feet together, toes pointed. Flatten the lower back. Place hands palms down over the thighs, pointing toward the toes. Lift the head up, apply Neck Lock and look at the toes. Lift the feet up 6 inches and begin Breath of Fire for 3 minutes.

12. Corpse Pose. Relax on the back, palms facing up. 8-10 minutes.

This kriya can be found in I AM A Woman: Essential Kriyas for Women, available through KRI. 

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. Used with permission.