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Healing and Uplifting Women in South America

Chile 2006

By Nam Nidhan Kaur Khalsa, Chile, South America


To educate women in self-esteem is to heal the whole society. Yogi Bhajan insisted on the need to re-educate women under a new concept of sacredness and divinity. His vision was to inspire women to connect with their original source and their role as direct transmitters of higher values which will rule the Aquarian Age. He reminded us that women are the base of all societies, and that depending on her strength of character, integrity, and self-love, generations are built or destroyed. He told us that human exploitation can be stopped by stopping the exploitation of women in all its manifestations; and that peace on our planet would only come through respect for women and the feminine in everyone.


In Cotacachi, Ecuador, visiting the local authorities and introducing Mujer de Luz

As we tune in to this new paradigm pulsing everywhere, we come to understand the need to “humanize” our way of living. One of the main roles of women in this new vision is to expand the meaning and concept of “family” to all human institutions, where every individual recognizes him/herself as sacred and unique, and at the same time, part of the human family. The experience of nobility, kindness of character, and sacredness in every heart are what will change history. That experience is learned and passed on through mothers and women who have recognized themselves as channels for this sacred creative consciousness.

Spiritually, this legacy is changing the old paradigm of a teacher surrounded by the students, patriarchal and linear, to the new one of the community, or sangat, ruled by the collective consciousness—feminine, interactive, and multi-directional.

Introducing Yogi Bhajan’s Women’s Teachings into Governmental Programs

Yogi Bhajan’s women’s teachings are revolutionary. When women hear them and recognize their truth within themselves, change is immediate. I have experienced this during the eleven years I have been teaching women in many countries of the world. Through this experience of teaching, the need to bring this light to many more women was instilled in me. Finally, in October, 2009, we officially created MUJER DE LUZ (Woman of Light) as a legal foundation. Only four months later, we began work with the Chilean Government (which has had a woman as a president for four years) through the National Woman’s Service Ministry. We have recently signed a cooperation contract, where our programs will be part of their 2010 schedule in the areas of domestic violence and self care programs for women working with women.

In addition, in Ecuador we have started to work with the Governmental Commission of Transition to a Women’s Council and Equality of Gender, which is the current governmental program to help women. Our participation will support their programs taught throughout the country.

In Otavalo, Ecuador, with the local authorities, introducing Mujer de Luz

Our goal is to be working actively with the governments of Perú, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, and Uruguay by the end of 2010. Currently our coordinators are working on making this possible.

In addition to the social support programs, our foundation has developed an educational program. In 2010 we are offering a training program based on Yogi Bhajan’s women’s teachings called Joti Sarovar (the Fountain of the Feminine Light). Some of our goals are to train Kundalini Yoga teachers and systematize the women`s teachings so they can be used in different areas of women’s lives; to help to strengthen teachers’ characters and their personal relationships with the teachings; and to create a solid international team of women working together.

If you want to know more about Mujer De Luz and Joti Sarovar, visit us at Mujer de Luz has its base in Santiago, Chile, and is currently directed by Nam Nidhan Kaur and Dev Inder Kaur. You can reach them at [email protected]

Nam Nidhan Kaur is a KRI Level I and II Lead Trainer and has been a pioneer in introducing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga in South America and helping to create the first communities of teachers there. She has been teaching women for eleven years throughout Latin America, Spain, and China. She is the Director of the Kundalini Yoga School, Narayan(, in Santiago, which has been certifying teachers in Chile for nine years.

In Barcelona, Spain, 2004

A Testimony

By Anna Arques, Tarragona, Spain

Mujer de Luz was the door which opened a new road in my life. It enabled me to recognize my addictions, unhappiness, self-destruction, and rebelliousness. It helped me to learn self-respect and to work hard on identifying my problems and let them go. I learned to take responsibility for my own actions and their consequences. Overall, I learned a concept that I had never known: commitment to myself and others. One commitment that I upheld in Mujer de Luzwas the daily practice of yoga and meditation. To practice every day is a personal challenge for me to break through my laziness. After practicing I feel very satisfied. It is a gift I give to myself, and it is great to realize it is only up to me.

The first day in Mujer de Luz I pronounced the word “light” loudly and Nam Nidhan Kaur told me that I have it inside myself, and that was totally unknown for me. The next days I kept discovering, experiencing, learning, and I cried a lot. What happened in Mujer de Luz, what I felt, I can’t describe. It must be experienced, every woman should attend, at least once in her life.