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Rise Together

By Sierra Hollister

Happy International Women’s Day dear sisters! Our time has arrived. The world is crying out for us to show up and step up, to be the change we wish to see and to rise together.

On this day, listen. Take a moment, or many moments and just be still and listen. What do you hear? Is your heart speaking about the many injustices in the world? Does your heart hold worry for our mother, the Earth? Are you being called to offer healing in any way, shape or form? Where are you being called to serve?

Now more than ever, the world is in need of women that are willing to step up and lead. Yogi Bhajan saw this need clearly and did everything in his power to prepare us and give us the tools and the technology to excel in these times. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for—it’s daunting, yet true. No one else is going to magically step forward and claim the role that you were meant to claim. Only you can articulate what is in your heart; only you can put forth the more beautiful world that you know is possible; and only you can inspire others to do the work of co-creating this more beautiful world.

The best leaders are those who lead from the heart and leading from the heart requires that we do the work—the work of purifying our hearts, opening our hearts and listening—deep, deep listening.

To be a leader who inspires, you must embody your very best self. And, it’s worth noting that your best self is not perfect, it’s just the most radiant and vital version of you that you are capable of in each moment.

Everyone has the capacity to lead but very few of us take the next step and live the message of our heart. That is what leadership is—living the message of your heart. Whether it is a message meant to play out on the global stage, the national stage, the local stage or in the arena of your family, living that message is leading. And I can promise you that if you live that message, you will draw the souls to you that also find resonance in that frequency, and this is how we find our allies and change the world.

The impact of the potential that we hold as women to shape this world is unparalleled. Nothing comes close to the power of a determined woman.

So discern your message, let your mind work for your heart, and begin. Whether your calling is to work to protect nature, serve those with less resources or privilege, shape the legal system, raise kind, compassionate and thoughtful children, or simply be a beacon of grace and civil discourse—you can begin today.

That doesn’t mean it will be easy. In many ways, the deck is stacked against us. From the lack of equal opportunity, access, and payment; to the ways that society and culture work to diminish us; to the status of objects, property or decorative, we are challenged. But just like Kundalini Yoga, nothing helps us to excel more than challenge!

Your beauty and your power are inside of you, in your heart, your grace and your strength. Our value and our worth as souls, as movers and shakers and world shapers has nothing to do with what we look like or how much we weigh or what we wear. Do not allow yourself to be reduced by Madison Avenue or social media. Stay true to the message in your heart. Hold fast to your grace—the world sorely needs it. Know your strength. There is nothing stronger than you.

As yoginis we are uniquely blessed. We have a template: our practice reminds us that our path is found in our heart. Our minds will figure out how to travel the path and our bodies will do the work. As women, we have been given the wisdom to understand that everyone has something to offer and that we rise by lifting others. Gather your sisters around you and let’s lift each other up already.

Sierra Hollister began her practice of Kundalini Yoga with Yogi Bhajan in 1992. At his request, she brought the teachings to Asheville, North Carolina. In addition to teaching, Sierra has found that her heart wishes to be in deep relationship with and protect our Mother Earth, and to bring the tools of wellness to those without access. Listening to her heart has resulted in cofounding a renewable energy business, becoming a mother, acting as a water protector at Standing Rock, and founding a nonprofit, Light a Path, to bring modalities of wellness, including yoga, to populations without access. You can learn more about Sierra at Sun Lotus Kundalini.