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Grace of God Meditation

Positive affirmation is an age-old technology. Words increase in power through repetition, and when you are repeating truth, the impact is enormous.

Woman is Shakti. This meditation is designed to evoke and manifest the inner grace, strength, and radiance of each woman. It helps her to tune in directly with the Adi Shakti, the Primal Power within her own being.

It empowers a woman to channel her emotions in a positive direction, strengthen her weaknesses, develop mental clarity and effective communication, and give her the patience to go through the tests of her own karma. It enables her to merge the limited ego into Divine Will, as well as to improve her physical health.

By practicing this meditation, a woman's thoughts, behavior, personality, and projection become aligned with the Infinite beauty and nobility unveiled by the mantra. It balances the five elements. You might pass it over because it is so simple and not realize what a profound effect it can have on your life.

Practice it faithfully, twice a day for 40 days. It is recommended for women going through menopause to practice it 5 times a day. It is best to practice on an empty stomach.

It is said that when a woman practices this meditation for one year, her aura will become tipped with gold or silver, and great strength and God's healing powers will flow through her.

Part One

Lie on the back, fully relaxing the face and body.

The eyes are closed.

Inhale deeply, hold the breath in while silently repeating the mantra I Am Grace of God, 10 times.

Tense the fingers one at a time to keep count.

Exhale all the air out, hold it out and repeat the mantra 10 times on each exhale, for a total of 5 inhalations and 5 exhalations. This totals 100 silent repetitions.

Part Two

Relax your breath, and with eyes still closed, slowly come sitting up into Easy Pose.

Bring the right hand into Gyan Mudra, resting on the knee.

The left hand is held up at the level of the left shoulder, palm flat and facing forward as if you are taking an oath.

Keep the breath relaxed and normal.

Tense only one finger of the left hand at a time, keeping the other fingers straight but relaxed.

Meditate on the governing energy of each finger as you repeat the mantra I am Grace of God aloud 5 times.

Governing Energies

Little finger: Mercury; power to relate & communicate, subconscious communication with self; water

Ring finger: Sun & Venus; physical health, vitality, grace, and beauty; fire.

Middle finger: Saturn; channel emotion to devotion & patience; air.

Index finger: Jupiter; Wisdom and expansion, open space for change; ether.

Thumb: Positive ego; earth.

Beginning with the Mercury Finger, continue this sequence for each of the remaining fingers, finishing with the thumb.

To end, relax and meditate silently for a few minutes.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Source: I am a Woman - Creative, Sacred, Invincible and Library of Teachings and the Library of Teachings

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