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3HO—50 Years

By Nam Hari Kaur

My, how the time flies! It seems as though it was only a few years ago when we gathered in the Pecos Wilderness for Summer Solstice 1975--the precious days of bathing in an icy cold mountain stream before joining the tribe for morning sadhana; the days of really spicy onion soup, two bananas for lunch, and kitcheree for dinner.

No talking!—absolute silence during the 5 White Tantric Yoga® days. We got very good at sign language as well as writing notes for necessary information sharing. “All hands on Deck!” for hours and hours of Karma Yoga duty, ending with a lively game of volleyball at night, bringing laughter and smiles to everyone’s faces.

Yogi Bhajan was never far away, whether riding on horseback throughout the camp, or joining in on the volleyball game to render a nearly unstoppable serve.

Such a time we had and, my oh my, how far we have changed and grown since those early times. Few people brave Summer Solstice now without being heavily fortified with snacks and cell phones. And yet, in an odd sort of way, this too is a part of the necessary evolution of things.

The number 5, amplified by Zero, is a point of conscious maturity in the areas of teaching, travel, communication, and physical health. As a 3HO community we are now a global presence, with Teacher Training programs all over the world. White Tantric Yoga® courses are conducted globally as well.

Our impact as a spiritual community geared towards service and education has blossomed far beyond what anyone could have originally imagined. And yet it was the foundation of the early years that gave us the grit to go the distance.

In the words of Yogi Bhajan: “You must grind yourself to know your ground.”

It is this grinding and polishing process that makes us what we are today. We are in a time on the planet where everything is intensifying, the good and the bad, and there is strength and safety in numbers. “Keep it together till it comes together,” would be a good mantra for 2019, as the overall number 3 of the year requires our Positive Mind to step up to the plate. Number 3 is also social energy, nurturing,!

Yes, keep your yogic community connected through Full Moon Meditation nights with a potluck dinner. Have a “How to make Kitcheree” class, as well as Yogi Tea. Yep, count out those 62 cardamom pods!

Teach people how to get back to their roots, as in the roots of health and vitality. Good food, conversation and community are all essential now. The 3HO community is on the brink of a powerful year of expansion, opportunity, and prosperity.

Our music is now Grammy nominated, and this is only the beginning of our expanded presence in the world.

People need us now like never before, and something that I personally remember Yogi Bhajan saying decades ago was, “In the future, you believe me or not, people will be throwing themselves in front of your cars to stop you, that’s how much they will want what you’ve got.”

2019 is the year where we answer the call of the prayer of humanity. Yes, they want what we’ve got, and we must deliver. We will work together like never before, dropping or settling our differences, because there is a way bigger picture here. And in this picture are the silent and suffering millions who are praying for the sight, sound, or glimpse of someone who can deliver them to the Shabad Guru, the sound current of Infinity.

By virtue of reading this, you are that person. You are the one who can send a mantra link or meditation from YouTube. You are the one who can speak of a yoga class or spiritual event. Your words and kindness are the tipping point of Grace that swoops down and saves someone from the brink of despair.

We are very fortunate to have each other, and if we can keep the good will flowing then there is room enough for God’s will. And with God’s will, anything is possible. Sat Nam.

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