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Yogic Living: Spiritual Activism

Yogi Bhajan told us to go within, to find our own strength, security, and inner guidance, and to befriend our soul. And he gave us the technology of Kundalini Yoga to do so. This is the first step in creating a better world. When we have a deep and grounded spiritual vision with a drive for political, economic, and social change, we have the power of infinite love in action. Our actions become rooted in divine truth, wisdom and compassion, and this is a powerful force for healing humanity and the planet.

When issues or events became grave or desperate, Yogi Bhajan would often raise the flag of protest, the flag of constructive engagement to help resolve issues. In the US, Yogiji would sometimes speak out forcefully about government policy when it led to high unemployment, the devastation of the environment, or the endangerment of all life on Earth, as in the case of the nuclear arms race of the 1980s. He was a strong proponent of environmental sustainability, women’s rights, and voting rights. He advised not to tolerate injustice, to defend the weak and innocent, and serve all big and small.

Here is our content on Spiritual Activism, featuring several pieces on becoming strong and grounded in your spirtual truth, Kundalini Yoga for energy to keep up, and articles on specific issues showing how we are making a difference.

Wisdom from the Master

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Kundalini Yoga Technology

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From Our Bloggers

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