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Yogic Living: The Power of Giving

Giving is one of the highest states of consciousness. When we practice Kundalini Yoga, we develop the energy and inspiration needed to serve others. We are able to give without asking, serve without reward, and uplift others. 

Take the cosmic power of the Kundalini and become a Divine channel of giving.

“The psyche of giving is very simple but difficult to understand. By giving from the heart, we reconnect to that source, elevating our soul and fulfilling our destiny.” 
-Yogi Bhajan


Wisdom from the Master

Quotes on Giving & Seva

Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Uplift Others

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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Become a Giver

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Kundalini Yoga Technology

Meditation for Becoming a Channel to Uplift Others in the Aquarian Age
"You are for that tomorrow when the world shall come to you. People will come and ask to be blessed. Touch the heart of the one who needs Guru’s help. Bless those who are coming to you, each one of you. Guru’s words will never go untrue."

Guru Kriya: Touch Every Heart
"Give because God gives to you. Share because it is demanded of you. Rise up and praise your conception, your reality, your identity and soul. This time is given to you to be pure and to live in piety, with a burning fire of compassion touching every heart."

Meditation for Royalty in Service to the Divine
When we flow with love and service in our hearts, it gives us a royal projection. By opening our hearts, our royalty shines through.

Kriya for Becoming Like Angels
To become like angels, we need the inner strength to be secure, to give to all, to be consumed in the service of life and destiny.

Soul Talk Meditation
This meditaton enables one to give and keep on giving to a friend.

Kirtan Kriya
Through this constant practice, the mind awakens to the infinite capacity of the soul for sacrifice, service, and creation.

Meditation to Blossom into Your Full Potential
The result for the meditator is that she will blossom into her full potential.

Kriya for Inner Vitality & Stamina
Stay strong so you have the energy to serve.

3 Meditations for the Heart Center
The heart center opens the potential for compassion and humility. We are preparing to have sovereignty over the service of the universal force.

Meditation to Be Open, Honest, Relaxed, and Caring
Develop your compassion so you can give from love.


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