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Yogic Living: Generous Heart, Generous Spirit

When we practice Kundalini Yoga, we tap our inner power and potential. You may ask yourself, “What’s next?” The answer is simple: Take the cosmic power of the Kundalini and become a channel to serve others. Use your energy and creativity to give without asking, serve without reward, and uplift all who cross your path.

Whether it’s working for a cause for the betterment of humanity; helping with daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, and running errands; listening to someone who needs to be heard; or just being present as a light of love and compassion, the common denominator is that the focus is on someone or something outside of yourself. It is a service that needs nothing in return, not even acknowledgement.

“Express the joy of experiencing the Self and share it with the world around you—open your heart, share your love, use your intuition, and listen deeply—so that you can serve the Infinite creation of the One who created you.”
-Tarn Taran Singh

Wisdom from the Master

Quotes on Giving & Seva

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Kundalini Technology

Meditation for Becoming a Channel to Uplift Others in the Aquarian Age 
Disintegrate yourself into 30 trillion cells and let the magnetic field move through all the power of the planet, the stars, and everything. Now concentrate so that your spine is like a tube of light. It is lit between the base of your neck and your base where you are sitting. Shine out the light. 

Master's Touch Meditation 
"When the Age of Aquarius comes and people seek you out, you will have no time but to touch them and say, 'Bless you!' to bring the entire psyche and being of a person into balance. That touch will create a state of Aad Such, Jugaad Such, Hai Bhee Such, Naanak Hosee Bhee Such. Original Truth, Truth through time, Truth now, and forever Truth. These must prevail through one touch."

Guru Kriya: Touch Every Heart 
"Give because God gives to you. Love because that is your purpose in life. Shine because it is important. Share because it is demanded of you. Make your heart flow like a river. Realize that this time is given to you to be pure and to live in piety, with a burning fire of compassion, touching every heart."

Meditation for Royalty in Service to the Divine 
There is a universal force that keeps the Creation in motion: the force of love, the force of service. This meditation was given so that the mind can surrender to the heart and accept the gifts that the Creation has to give. By opening our hearts, our royalty shines through.

Kriya for Becoming Like Angels
To become like angels we need the inner strength to be secure, to give to all, to be con­sumed in the ser­vice of life and destiny. This set, done properly, is said to give you the health and inner energy to live from your angelic nature.

Meditation for the 4th Chakra
"Hate nobody; love everybody. It won’t cost you anything. Love never costs anything. Love is the most selfish act. It gives you so much protection, grace, and radiance. It doesn’t give you any smallness or suffering. The attitude of conscious living is to love and give grace to someone worthy of your trust. Do not seek anything from people. Give love instead, and rely on God."

Soul Talk Meditation
“This meditation brings deep relaxation, strength and mental clarity. It brings the experience of the soul on the spot; it is soul talk. It enables one to give and keep on giving to a friend. It can change your entire destiny if you do it honestly."

Kriya for Inner Vitality & Stamina 
This kriya unleashes the energy that is within you. It opens the energy superhighway of the sushmuna and the spine. The kriya ends with a short navel meditation for healing that creates the effect of Ang Sang Wahe Guru in every cell of your body.

Meditation to Be Open, Honest, Relaxed, and Caring 
This 2 part, 15 minute pranayam gives clarity, strength of will, and the ability to see the Unseen. 

Meditation to Arouse Mercy and Compassion
Open your heart and give your love. 

Kriya to Open the Heart Center
This kriya is said to create open, loving feelings; increase compassion and sensitivity to others, and help you drop emotional defensiveness. Its calming effect allows you to eliminate unnecessary thoughts and feelings so you can be present and experience your feelings more clearly.

The Essence of Self
This kriya guides the prana through your body to the heart chakra, opening the heart so you can give and receive love without fear, anger, or re­sentment, and experience compassion. In this state of compassion you can release the pain of former relationships, energize current relationships on a higher level, and begin to express your divine essence.


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The Live to Give Program
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