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Our Personal Security

By Jot Singh Khalsa

Many in the world are not so fortunate to have personal practices to balance themselves and a sadhana which can provide sensitivity and intuition enabling us to perceive potential danger around us, beyond what the eyes normally can see and what the ears may hear.

Yogi Bhajan urged us to learn to protect ourselves. Martial training, combined with s steady morning sadhana can provide a precious, confident and intuitive presence to stand firmly and wisely amidst and against, if necessary, the pressures of any situation of time and space.

If we don't bring forth saint-soldier consciousness, who will? If we don't embody that steadiness under pressure for our students and communities, who will?

In the 37th pauri of Ek Ong Kaar Kaur’s English translation of Japji Sahib, to manifest the Sant Siphai/Saint Solider/ Spiritual Warrior is among the highest incarnations.

When I teach, I share that martial arts training is a perfect complement to Kundalini Yoga. For those not ready for what is often intense martial training, sinking deeply into Archer pose with Long Deep Breathing and Jaap Sahib playing in background can serve well to enable the capacity to become ferocious.

During the 22 minutes of sitting in Vir Asan (also referred to as Hero or Warrior Pose) with the hands in prayer pose, chanting the “Waheguru Wahejio” mantra with eyes open, staring / fixed at the tip of the nose, you will receive insights to enable and clarify your path to manifesting excellence within the realms that you are most passionate about. This multifaceted meditation, which is more than three times longer than any other segment of the Aquarian Sadhana meditations, also engenders the saint-soldier mentality – an invaluable blend of elevated awareness and a relaxed preparedness, to embrace and act within any situation with greater insight, sensitivity, and without fear.

My martial training and my sadhana provide me the greater likelihood that I may not react or be fearful when confronted by anything or anyone. 

Through embracing our discipline we get beyond our fears and rigidity, manifesting heart and soul to best serve each other and humanity wherever we find ourselves. In the Song of the Khalsa, we sing something I believe the our beloved teacher wanted to engrain in our psyches: “When things are down and darkest, that's when we stand tallest.' I ask how will you do that if not through your well-cultivated and refined discipline and through the grace of the One?

Community Security at Solstice

When Yogi Bhajan was with us, if you were on his personal security detail, his request was to ’Secure the Environment.’ At Summer Solstice Sadhana, we call upon a capable team of volunteers, supported by local law enforcement to secure the environment.. 
This summer, at the very least, take it upon yourself to be observant and if anything doesn't look or feel right, tell someone responsible and capable, seek out and alert a Solstice event leader, or call law enforcement. If you do not wish to take on this responsibility, then appoint someone who can be attentive and observant who will be able to act given any kind of crisis. 

If you have the interest in developing your capacity to serve as a protector of the weak and the innocent, in cultivating your capacity as a saint-soldier, please apply to be a part of the Summer Solstice Security Team.