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Yogic Living: Shaping Our Future - Our Children, Ourselves, Our Society

How can we create a better world and a better future?

Yogi Bhajan gave us a framework and a shared vision of the Aquarian Age. He taught us how to raise our consciousness and expand our energy field. When we have more energy available, we have more strength and vitality to uplift others.

Yogiji gave us countless tips, tools, and technologies, including how to raise healthy, happy, and holy future generations. Our spiritual practice gives us the inspiration and guidance to live to our highest destinies and serve humanity.

We create our tomorrow by the actions we do today. 

Wisdom from the Master

Prepare Yourself to Serve the Age of Aquarius

The Self-Sensory System of the Aquarian Age

One Human Family

The Aquarian Age of Tolerance

Peace is the Only Way

Be You

Value Your Virtues

Living Consciously

Give a Child Self Values

Mother - the First Teacher

Ten Things to do for Your Children

Sadhana for Children


Kundalini Yoga Technology

I am Happy Meditation for Children

Meditation to Keep Up with Our Children

Charan Japa: Nourishing the Soul of the Unborn Child

Kundalini Meditation: Beaming and Creating the Future

3 Kriyas for the Aquarian Age

Meditation to Keep Up with the Times

Meditation to Connect with the Self Sensory System

Meditation for Removing Fear of the Future

Meditation to Blossom into Your Full Potential

Kundalini Meditation: Your Capacity for Infinity

Developing a Meditative Mind

Meditation for Developing Your Human Kindness

Meditation for Becoming a Channel to Uplift Others

Kundalini Meditation: Facing the Challenge of Tomorrow

Becoming Like Angels



Life in the Nest - Living as a Yogic Family by Shabad Kaur

Shaping the Future, Moment to Moment by Bhavanjot Kaur


Kids, Love, and Karma by Atmabir Kaur

How I’ll Raise my Son by Rai Kaur

Creating Our Future by Sat Santokh Singh

The Aquarian Shift by Dr. Santokh Singh

The Aquarian Age

Keeping Up by Sat Purkh Kaur

The 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age – commentary by Catalyst Yogi

Recognize Your Purpose and Fulfill Your Destiny

Living Your Destiny by Sewa Singh

Yogi Bhajan’s Teaching on the Sensory Human by Guru Rattana Kaur

The Next Step by Shakti Parwha Kaur

Wake Up! It’s the Dawn of a New Age by Guruka Singh

The Myth of Individual Survival by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur

Be the Holy Witness for Global Change by Catalyst Yogi

Conscious Collective Action by Alfredo Sfeir-Younis

Meditation: An Act of Individual, Social, and Universal Consciousness by Hari Kaur

Practice Your Peace: Tools for All Ages by Shakta Khalsa

Teaching Yoga to Children