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Yogic Living: The Aquarian Man

Yogiji gave us an image of the Aquarian Man: a man who is strong, kind, open-hearted, conscious of his word, and committed to his higher self. We had never before been given a vision of what it means to be a man of higher consciousness—respectful, gracious, self-contained, sensitive, wise, aware, and potent.

We've collected some of Yogi Bhajan's Men's Teachings including lecture excerpts, kriyas and meditations, and blogs from you, our spiritual family.

A great resource for even more inspiration is Man to Man: A Journal of Discovery for the Conscious Man.

At the Feet of the Master

Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Men

Yogi Bhajan Lecture Excerpts:

   The Faculty of Man

   Values and Virtues

   Winning the Trust

   The Successful Man

   The Power to Penetrate

   Courage and Commitment

   Don't React

   There is Nothing in Sex and Without Sex There is Nothing

   Commitment, Progress, and Protection


Kundalini Yoga Technology

3 Kriyas to Become a Man

Evergreen Exercises for Men’s Health

Sat Kriya

Kriya to Build Yourself to Act, not React

The Invincible Man Kriya

From Our Bloggers

Recognize Your Purpose and Fulfill Your Destiny [from KRI Level 2 Life Cycles and Lifestyles]

A Man’s Role in the Age of Aquarius by Guruka Singh

Man to Man from a Woman’s Perspective by Sat Purkh Kaur

Guidelines of Behavior for a Man of Spirit by Sewa Singh

I am a Man of Infinity by Sopurkh Singh

Kundalini Yoga: A Man’s Yoga Too by Sukhnam Singh

The Aquarian Man’s Power Is in his Presence by Catalyst Yogi/Haribhajan

Some Reflections on Two Words Spoken by My Teacher by Sewa Singh

Men’s Health: Treating Heart Disease with Ayurveda by Karta Purkh Singh

Preserve Your Prostate by Karta Purkh Singh

Mantra for Love: Sopurkh by Ramdesh Kaur

Sesame Ginger Milk: A Restorative Drink for Men

Yogi Bhajan's Potent Potatoes

Energizing Ojas, Chyavanprash, and Kundalini Yoga by Karta Purkh Singh

Stabilizing Hematite by Kudrat Kaur

Men's Wisdom Circles by Bhagwant Singh