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Yogic Living: The Spiritual Warrior—Courage, Integrity and Grace

These times are demanding that we live as Spiritual Warriors—fearless, standing for truth, and lit from within by the radiance of the soul. The life of a spiritual warrior is a life of courage, compassion, strength and discipline. These qualities enable us to conquer our inner doubts and insecurities with steady determination and grace.

And as spiritual warriors we are called to stand up for the dignity and human rights of our neighbors, our communities, our nation and our planet.

“As we are entering the Age of Aquarius, we have to become responsible, outspoken, leading teachers of this Age. That's what we have trained for and that's what we have grown into. You cannot live under a camouflage. You have to live openly, honestly, brightly, and forthrightly. Your words should be so strong that they affect every heart; your truth should be so pure that it lifts a person's soul to the heights.”
-Yogi Bhajan, 7/28/02


Wisdom from the Master

Quotes on the Spiritual Warrior


   Confidence, Commitment, & Courage

   You Become the Courage

   Unshakable Courage, Commitment and Character

   The Radiant Body

   Love the Truth of You

   You Are You. Enjoy It.

   Recognize Your Reality

   Courage and Commitment 

   Commitment, Progress and Protection 

   Manifesting the Infinite


3HO Lifestyle

The Agni Tattva & the 3rd Chakra

Strengthening Your Radiance: Be the Light

Vitality and Stamina

The 3rd Chakra: The Will of the Spiritual Warrior

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Kundalini Yoga Technology

Kundalini Yoga Video: Nabhi Kriya 
This set focuses on developing the strength of the navel point and the power of the Third Chakra. When the navel energy flows properly, the energy and the will to support your actions is maintained.

Meditation for an Invincible Spirit 
Act with integrity and clarity as teachers, healers, and leaders. Remain human under the pressures of the times and the distractions of change, ego, and emotion. 

Kundalini Yoga: Accessing the Source of Strength in You
When we tap the deep strength of our soul, we can achieve fulfillment. The powerful currents of our passions tum to compassion, commitment and joy.

Meditation to Develop the Radiant Body 
With the Radiant Body strong, our presence communicates contentment, containment, completeness and consciousness.

Archer Pose
Archer Pose develops the 3rd Chakra, strength of will, and courage.

Meditation for the Neutral Mind 
It is easy to hear a truth and difficult to live it, to embed it deeply into your heart and mind. The Neutral Mind opens the gate to that deep remembrance of the self and soul. 

Wahe Guru Kriya for Nervous Balance
This meditation helps you have the strength to act on your ideals, and to consciously direct yourself.

Caliber for Constant Self-Authority
Caliber is the total capacity of an individual to communicate and to project one's identity. This meditation enhances your capacity for caliber, to hold and execute self-authority.

Kriya for Self-Reliance
Self-reliance will vanish all fears. Fear comes with dependence. Depend on your own inner wisdom and higher self. If your self-reliance is strong, you are protected.

Nabhi Kriya
This set focuses on developing the strength of the navel point and the power of the Third Chakra. When the navel energy flows properly, the energy and the will to support your actions is maintained.


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