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January 2014 KundaLiving: The Aquarian Teacher

"Some of you who are sitting here will become great Teachers of the Age of Aquarius. You must understand that you have to build your character first. Care for yourself, be kind to yourself, be compassionate to yourself. That is what you have to do."
-Yogi Bhajan, 4/23/97

As Yogi Bhajan often said, he came to create teachers, not to gather students. He saw every student as a potential teacher. He eventually developed a worldwide network of teachers who have spread their wings and helped to heal others with their kindness, compassion, and a lot of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Whether you were a new student or an 'advanced' student, in the eyes of Yogiji, you were a teacher in the making.

Everyone is a student, and everyone is a teacher. If you are striving to live a healthy, happy, and holy life, you are serving as an example and guide to others. An Aquarian teacher becomes a forklift for the soul, a lighthouse of hope, an institution of integrity, trust, and humility.

“People are in pain, and they need the pain alleviated. They need to know that you can see that pain. If a person is hungry, first feed him. To a starving person, food is God. Once he is satisfied and a little secure, he can consider the possibility that God is food. The ability to apply consciousness will make you a good teacher.” [Aquarian Teacher, p. 265]

As we dive deeply into the concept of The Aquarian Teacher, consider the ways in which you are able to guide others to their healthy, happy, holy birthright.

This month we offer thought-provoking blogs and wisdom from Yogi Bhajan's lectures and quotes about what, exactly, it means to be an Aquarian Teacher. And, of course, we've found some great Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations to bring out your teaching qualities. We've even included some blogs about teaching Kundalini Yoga to special populations. Delve into the Aquarian Teacher and develop the teacher within you.

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