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Kundalini Lifestyle Short Shares


Sat Nam! I went through KRI Level 1 training last year in Austin, TX, and SuperHealth Training with Mukta Kaur Khalsa twice, but, even before that I was attempting to tie a turban and wear a turban when I taught yoga. I don’t know if it’s my curly red hair or what, but, I have had all kinds of “toe-tapping, foot-stomping wall-eyed fits” because I couldn’t get that turban to stay on. Frog Poses used to be the tell as to whether my turban was going to stay on throughout class or not!

So, here I am, trying to leave the house to teach my Kundalini Yoga class and I’m having a complete come apart right before I teach long-deep breathing and relaxation! My newest idea is to use Velcro to get my turban to stay on! Wahe Guru!

Peace & Love,
Sukhbir Kaur


I never thought I could ever take a cold shower especially an enjoyable cold shower before Kundalini Camp 2015. I take them almost every morning and feel how they settle my nervous system in the morning and cleanse me from the nights energies!

Thank you 3H0!
Meredith Kramer

A couple of years ago I lived in a small apartment out in the countryside with old gas heating. One day it started making funny noises for hours and hours so I called a company to send someone to fix it. The man looked at the heater and said, “It´s weird, this type of problem arises only when the heating is not used very much, like when people are only there every other weekend or so.” I said, “Well, maybe I don´t use as much hot water as other people.” But he replied, “Yeah, many people think so, but in the end, you know, everybody uses hot water all the time, doing dishes and taking showers. It´s so normal that they forget how much they actually use.”

I thought about ishnaan and kept quiet. Then, the next time I met my teacher, I triumphantly told him, with a big smile, “I can´t do ishnaan anymore! It’s really bad for my old heating system! Isn´t that a pity?” Gurumarka smiled and said, “Yeah, ishnann is bad for a lot of old systems.”

Sat Nam,
Fateh Kaur


I want to tell you about no-hopers who have become great yoga teachers. I have done a lot of work in the community in London. I taught at drug and alcohol centres, in a prison, and worked at a women's refuge for several years. It is with great joy that I now see students from a homeless people's class, trained and up there spreading the word; a guy from a drug centre now doing his level 2 training; and several of my personal students doing their warrior thing.

Blessings to all of my teachers, to Yogiji, and to the blissful art of Kundalini Yoga.

Sat Nam,
Seva Simran Kaur (London U.K)


This story happened when my daughter was eight years old. She had become very ill, sick to her stomach, and vomiting. None of the medications I was giving her made her feel better. I had been practicing the Guru Ram Das mantra and knew it had healing qualities, as it is one of the miracle mantras in Kundalini Yoga.

I had always felt an incredible warmth in my heart center as I chanted this mantra. I asked my daughter if she would let me do healing on her with the Guru Ram Das mantra, and she openly accepted. Intuitively, I placed my hand above her belly, without actually touching her. I started singing the mantra, while moving my hand in a slow clockwise motion. Very soon my daughter told me that her stomach ache had stopped. She ask me to keep singing and continue the hand motion for a while longer.

The vomiting stopped also and she was able to go to sleep peacefully. My daughter is twelve years old now and remembers that day, and the mantra with its healing powers. She asks me even now to use this mantra to heal her when she doesn’t feel well. She asks me to hold my hand over whatever area of her body that needs healing and sing the mantra until she falls asleep in peace. The Guru Ram Das mantra has become a powerful mantra for my family.

Sat Nam,
Inderpal Kaur

The Works

I have tried most everything from 3HO and some from Sikh Dharma during and after completing teacher training here in Seattle. Everything worked and everything was challenging for me—the 3am Aquarian Sadhana, turbans, not cutting my hair for 2 years, chanting, mudras, bandha, kriya, diet, pranayam, Yogi Bhajan lecturess, Summer Solstice, and meditation. Inquiry into self continues: all a blessing, a work in progress.

Sat Nam,
Harsaevak A Yogi