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Summer Solstice Testimonials

"Summer Solstice is like a spiritual boot camp—that's what I tell my friends who ask. It is for those who are seeking evolution, elevation, adventure, and exaltation. I return each year because this is what I crave from the depths of my soul. Whether you are seeking to connect with your own soul or to find kindred spirits, you will surely find them here. It is one of the most intense, rewarding, and ultimately transformational places that I know. Just don't come thinking you are going to a yoga 'retreat.'"

"A friend told me on the way up the Mountain: "You never leave the Mountain the same." I was skeptical as to what she meant by that, but in the end, she was right! What a beautiful, transformational experience. My heart opened as I reconnected with my soul family, as well as my true self. I gained the confidence to stand in my truth and to honor the path of my heart, no matter what! The Guru's Grace flows through all at solstice: wise teachers, beautiful sunrises, music, mantras and community. So much to love and be grateful for."

"It is the most incredible event in the yoga world."

"Summer Solstice is amazing and incredible! Along with Winter Solstice, they are my favorite times of the year. Nothing can compare to a week of yoga and meditation, away from all distractions and potential worries, with people of such high caliber."

"Solstice is an experience of the Aquarian Age; a huge global ashram where we learn and share the teachings and lifestyle given by Yogi Bhajan. It is an institution of support for today and hope for tomorrow."

"Summer Solstice is like entering a space between time, between the sun setting and moon rising, between dimensions when one can rewrite their destiny and make life-altering, life-changing course directions. Something magical happens, to say the least, when over a thousand yogis gather to be in community, practice and be in their highest consciousness together and on the sacred land of Ram Das Puri. And what happens when you come down the mountain is even better. You can see your reflection everywhere. You can create and re-create your life. You can finally live in service, in love and in reverence for the life you have been given, for all your relationships and for the Earth we walk on."

"Summer Solstice nourishes my soul. It breathes life into my heart. Thank Guru and God."

"I have been amazed with my first Summer Solstice. It was a great experience, with a lot of hospitality, love and dedication to humanity. The organization was surprisingly good for the large group of people attending. There was a great flow of activity and the teams/tasks were very well balanced with everlasting smiles and always hard working crew. I can only bow for the opportunity to be part of the 3HO community. I hope to be revisiting Guru Ram Das Puri in the future."

"This was my first Solstice and it was an amazing experience. I didn't always like it. Sometimes I loved it. Sometimes I was angry, sometimes I was ecstatic. But when I came off of the mountain on the last day, I knew that I was transformed. I had just experienced something that is changing me forever and I am extremely grateful for that. I can't wait to go back next year!"

"Summer Solstice was worth every penny. I didn't want to come back to reality. The love and light that surrounds the grounds and fills the souls of so many people is unforgettable."

"A truly wonderful experience from start to finish; connecting to nature and one's inner self. I often find coworkers return from their vacation exhausted. After Solstice I find myself recharged and ready to begin again anew."

"Summer Solstice cannot be explained in words. The only way I can describe it to someone who has never been is by letting them see the glow in my eyes. It has changed my husband’s and my life forever and we are more dedicated as a couple on our spiritual path. Since Summer Solstice, I feel more of a connection with my spiritual teachers, especially Guru Ram Das and Yogi Bhajan. When I tune in before my daily practice, I can feel their presence, cheering all of us on to be strong and to fulfill our destinies."

"Solstice will change your life!"

"I had been at Summer Solstice in 2005 and after 6 years I could be back this summer from Argentina! I love Summer Solstice, it is a deep experience. When you go to Summer Solstice you care about yourself, you get a reinforced level of energy, strength and inspiration to move on and keep up, to shine and share. I love the early wake-ups, the White Tantric Yoga ®, the live sadhanas, the wonderful cleansing diet, the workshops, the friends, the bazaar and the Yogi Tea Cafe. Many blessings to everyone organizing this. Love to all, bliss to all, peace to all."

"Solstice is an opportunity to renew, rejuvenate and expand—guaranteed."

"As a first time Summer Solstice attendee, I found it to be amazing. While the workshops were good, the White Tantric Yoga® and morning Sadhana were intense and engaging. You cannot really dissect the whole. The whole event was amazing."

"I remember my first year...I cried at the end, for so many reasons, but mostly from a place of joyous despair. I remember saying over and over again, "How will I make it back? I must come back here next year!" Well, I made it back for my second and third years and I just returned home from my 11th year on the mountain."

"This was my first Solstice Experience. From the first day of arrival to the last day, I felt part of community of love, respect and kindness—like-minded individuals working together. It was a healing experience for me as well. I will be attending again next year."

"I never imagined two weeks of non-stop activity in the desert would leave me completely refreshed, inspired, and recharged to take on life with previously unknown level of vigor."

"Each year, I travel to the beautiful mountains of New Mexico to re-connect with my soul. Summer Solstice provides a magnificent opportunity to be a part of the world wide Kundalini Sangat. I am so thankful for the experience."

"Like any excellent Kundalini Yoga and meditation set, Summer Solstice is a full experience inviting us to face our fears, our courage, our joys, our insecurities, our love, and ultimately that which is greater than any of us, leading to an experiential knowing of ourselves as infinite, blissful and true. It is not always comfortable, as facing those elements within ourselves that we've been trying to avoid is not easy, but it is always sacred, holy, and ultimately freeing. And to experience the journey in community, with like-spirited souls and smiles is a heaven on Earth indeed."

"I am so grateful for 3HO and Solstice. I have evolved and elevated myself and continue to do so. I feel like I have found "The Way"! And Solstice is an integral part of it. I have only been twice, but each has been different. The Peace Prayer day was magical. It is so intriguing to me how people from all over the world come to participate. It is like we are a microcosm of the rest of the world. We all are walking our own individual paths and we all make the trek up to the Mesa. It is magical to me. I am SO grateful for all of the effort and work and energy it takes to make this happen for us."

"What a beautiful Solstice. It is incredible to me to see so many people coming into their essence, practicing together for the greater good. Grateful for all the teachers and the community. May we walk in our Truth and be the beacons of the coming age."

'I love the Solstice Experience—all of it: People, Cold Showers, Dusty Tents, Group Sadhana outside w/beautiful sunrises, the Workshops - White Tantric Yoga® , and the nightly Gong meditations. Can't wait for next year!"

"Summer Solstice was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I uncovered aspects about myself that I am just beginning to understand. It has changed the direction of my life forever. I cannot be satisfied with business as usual after being allowed to glimpse a higher frequency of living. I cannot express my gratitude at being afforded the opportunity to join you for this experience, and I look forward to my next chance next year!"

"My first time at Summer Solstice! What a beautiful experience. Classes were on point and the themes WOW! in sync with Mother Nature. White Tantric Yoga® was exhilarating. People are very loving, caring, helpful and friendly. Teachers are very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions. The Yogi Tea Cafe was inventive and fun—I’d like to see the dance floor extended. Awesome musicians, energy is unbelievable! Can't wait til next year. The Solstice diet did wonders for my psoriasis and arthritis—amazing! Can't wait for my daughter to be a little older so we can start our spiritual tradition!"

"Summer Solstice is an amazing combination of a spiritual boot-camp, a family reunion, and a healing vacation. This will continue to be a part of my yearly self-care program."

"I try to make Solstice part of my yearly planning. It is a spiritual boost for me."

"I have attended Summer Solstice in Espanola, New Mexico for the last two years. The circumstances which initially led me to Solstice were tragic and traumatizing. However, the experience of Solstice was reassuring and defining of the path my life should take. It was/is the only time where I could concentrate on developing my inner ear...that ear that listens to me and not the noise created by a world of fear and despair. Morning Sadhana every day was the most special time of sharing enlightenment with others in a non-verbal form. Summer solstice has provided me an opportunity to rebalance my life and redirect my efforts so that I may continue experiencing my life in a more abundant manner. The place where Solstice is held is special in many ways and you can feel the calm and serenity set in as soon as you approach it. It is definitely a special place which is enhanced by the instructors, lecturers, and attendees every year."

"The three hours of Morning Sadhana make me feel like an angel or a saint. It is why I go every year. And it is worth it."

"I was impressed with how smoothly and well things were run, particularly feeding so many people. It was impressive to know that everyone was cooperating and that there was a sense of, wow, wouldn’t it be awesome if this were the way people helped each other and were in service to each other every day?"

"Summer Solstice works on many levels. Just being at Ram Das Puri is healing in itself. Meeting and interacting with people who share many of the same values and priorities is inspiring and confirming. Hearing and seeing how other people are sharing the teachings opened my eyes to new ideas. Working with others on my karma yoga team (Children's/Teen Food) and doing service exchange was the highlight of Solstice for me. It gave me a feeling of belonging and the satisfaction of serving the children and the camp."

"I am grateful to Yogi Bhajan for creating such a big spiritual family made up of all the colors and flavors we could find. Since 1997 this family has given me the foundation and the tools to be the whole human being I am today. I am looking forward to more growth so I can, in turn, serve humanity along with my brothers and sisters. Love to All."