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Yogic Living: Healing Body, Mind and Soul

We have the capacity to heal and renew ourselves. This is the power of the Kundalini in a human being. With the grace of the Divine, we can also become a channel to heal others. Imagine that your word, your touch or your presence could serve as a channel for another person to heal. It takes a commitment to live in balance and an understanding of how the body and mind work at the deepest levels. With sincere practice, it is possible for people to awaken their own power to heal themselves. 

We hope you enjoy exploring how your body works by the breath; how the breath affects your physical and mental equilibrium; and how the Divine can come through you to serve and heal the world.


Wisdom from the Master

Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Healing in the Aquarian Age

Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Healing Your Handicaps

Yog Bhajan Lecture: Self Healing

Yogi Bhajan Quotes


Kundalini Yoga Technology

Kriya for Inner Vitality and Stamina

Immune System Booster

3 Stroke Breath for Health, Energy, and Radiance

Healing Hands

Eggbeater to Recharge Yourself

Meditation to Alleviate Your Stress

Kriya to Conquer Pain

Kundalini Yoga for Headaches

Breath of Ten Meditation to Become Dis-Ease Free

Doei Ashtapad Jap Meditation for Healing

Kriya for Healing the Self

Kriya for Healing Addictions

Sending Healing Thoughts Meditation

Meditation: The Healing Ring of Tantra

The "Last Resort" Meditation

Sixteen-Stroke Breath to Rebuild Health

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung: The Ultimate Healing Tool

Kundalini Yoga: Laya Yoga Kriya

The Everything Kriya: Sat Kriya

Meditation for Absolutely Powerful Energy

Kundalini Yoga - Detoxification

The Mantra for Miracles: Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur

The Guru Mantra


From Our Bloggers

The Ways We Seek Wholeness by Savitree Kaur

The Sound of Healing by Shabad Kaur

With My Life in Danger, Could I Hold onto My Belief System? By Susan Jacobs

A Healing Cry in Yoga Class by By Zita Vasilisinova

Healing Waters by Bhavanjot Kaur

The Vital Warrior Program: Kundalini Yoga & PTSD by Michal Vega

Overcoming Cold Depression by Shanti Shanti Kaur, with Meditation for Release of Cold Depression

Kundalini Yoga and Healing by Hari Kaur

Your Infinity Capacity and the “Last Resort” Meditation by Dev Suroop Kaur

Preserve your Prostate by Karta Purkh Singh

‘Low Points’ in Chronic and Critical Illness and What to Do by Guruatma Kaur

The Medicine of the Naam by Guruka Singh

The Capacity to Heal One's Self by Sewa Singh

Immune Fitness: Teaching Kundalini Yoga to People Living with HIV:

Kundalini Yoga for People with Multiple Sclerosis by Seva Kaur

Inner Vitality and Stamina

The Healing Power of Community by Amy Pickholtz

Shuniya: The Point of Stillness—A Lifestyle

There is a Way through Every Block: A Story of Victory in the Face of Great Adversity

Healing Yogic Foot Massage

Sat Nam Rasayan

Kundalini Yoga and the Use of 'Recreational Drugs'

The Yogurt Bath for Luminous Skin

The Healing Power of Intention by Darshan Kaur



Yummy Kicharee

Astragalus Soup, Ajwain Pancakes, and Eggplant Curry: Yogic Recipes for Immune Health

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