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Yogic Living: Boost Your Immune System

In times of pandemic, the best thing we can do to protect ourselves is keep a strong immune system.

Yogis are known for taking responsibility for their own health and well-being as much as possible. There are lots of yogic tips and tools to choose from when it comes to immune support and protecting ourselves from dis-ease, like kriyas for immune strength, disease resistance, cleansing and digestion; and diets and recipes for healthy digestion and elimination. 

Immune health begins in the gut. Try a 40-day kriya or clean up your diet with conscious food choices. Use the tools of the Kundalini Yoga lifestyle to develop your shield of radiant health and well-being.

Kundalini Yoga Technology

Immune System Booster: The Inner Sun
This advanced immune therapy hits at viruses and bacteria. The right hemisphere of the brain stores many of the diffuse negative emotions that lead us to depression and to a lower functioning immune system. This meditation stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and the right hemisphere to adjust themselves. The immune system will have new vigor and will not be blocked by inner conflict. 

Pranayam to Boost Your Immune System
This exercise brings energy to your immune system to fight infection. It is a very healing exercise.

Breath of 10 Meditation to Become Dis-Ease Free
This meditation looks very simple but it will change your biorhythm and your magnetic field, thus it will trigger the command center and ask your immune system to wake up.

New Lungs and Circulation
This set rebuilds the lungs and improves circulation throughout the body. It is a rhythmical and short kriya for intermediate students or for enthusiastic beginners who are in good condition

Kriya for Disease Resistance 
To avoid persistent colds and illness, it is essential to keep digestion and elimination functioning well. Add to this a strong metabolic balance and you will have heartiness. This kriya develops these capacities. It gives physical strength and builds disease resistance.

16 Stroke Breath to Rebuild Health
When correctly practiced, this kriya can totally rebuild your glandular system. It also can rid the body of toxins and rebuild your cells.

Sat Kriya
General physical health is improved because all the internal organs receive a gentle rhythmic massage from this exercise. The rhythmic contraction and relaxation produces waves of energy that circulate, energize, and heal the body.

The Liberated Heart Meditation
You observe all that happens with no anger or enmity. The absence of these reactions makes all the energy of prana available to the direction of the mind. The 8:8 rhythm will work on the connection between the Heart Chakra and the immune system.

We detoxify continuously, processing food, thoughts, and all forms of energy. The trouble is that we accumulate more than we process and we become weighed down under the ash of metabolism and the remnants of old emotions. This set systematically moves the energy of the body and mind to keep you light and vitalized.

Purifying the Lungs
This exercise creates the opportunity for good health. It helps the gallbladder, spleen, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. It is very good for the entire glandular system.

Cleanse the Bloodstream
This is a Jupiter meditation which can cleanse the bloodstream and relieve fatigue and tension if you breathe deeply and powerfully. It is this conscious breath that can bring you great relief.

The Navel Center and Elimination
The buildup of wastes in the digestive tract prevents good absorption of nutrients and provides a breeding ground for bacteria and illness. This kriya works out the entire eliminative system. 

Nabhi Kriya for Digestion
If digestion is slow and imbalanced, disease rejoices. Most colds and influenza come from an energy imbalance that begins in the digestive track. To stimulate good digestion and improve concentration, the Navel Point must be stimulated and the energy distributed through the two main naadis that pass on either side of the Navel Point. All the facets of this kriya do this.

Kriya for Lower Spine and Elimination
This kriya gives flexibility of the spine and improves the power of digestion and elimination of waste and toxins.

Let the Liver Live
A challenging kriya for the liver. “Whosoever will do this set will be set for life.”

Apana Kriya - Elimination Exercises
This kriya will allow you to completely master your digestive system and give a youthful appearance to your skin. Aging does not start just with years; it begins with nutritional deficiency, intestinal problems, untended emotional and physical stress and an inflexible spine that disrupts the flow of meridians as well as the rejuvenating flow of your spinal fluid.

Aerobic Capacity and Efficiency Meditation 
Disease develops when the body gets less oxygen, eliminates less waste, and the brain, organs, and glands decrease their functioning. Eventually the system breaks down. This kriya helps to prevent that breakdown, and maintains your vital capacity as you age.

Disease Resistance and Heart Helper 
The four exercises in this kriya work to strengthen elimination, disease resistance, endurance, nervous system, heart, circulation, and radiance.

The Key to Unlock the Unlimited Infinite Power in You  
Stimulate your immune system and your heart muscle. Drink the long breath of air. Spleen will be activated. Eat simple food, stimulate the breath of life through the Pavan Guru, and understand that your body is a temple in which your soul, Atma, resides and is a representative of Parmatma, God.

4 Stroke Breath
This four-stroke segmented breath will open up your lung capacity to absorb more oxygen which you need for life. It will give you more patience and tolerance.

[Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations as presented here can be practiced as preventive tools to stay healthy. Kundalini Yoga Therapy is used when working with people with existing health conditions.]

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[Many recipes come from ancient yogic tradition and may contain potent herbs, botanicals and naturally occurring ingredients which have traditionally been used to support the structure and function of the human body. Nothing in this text should be construed as medical advice. Always check with your personal physician or licensed health care practitioner before making any significant modification in your diet, and before using any of these recipes, to insure that the recipes and ingredients are appropriate for your personal health condition and consistent with any medication you may be taking.]