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Yogic Living: Authentic Identity

One of Yogi Bhajan’s simplest and most profound teachings is: You be You—use the technology to find the depth of your identity and be who you are. He said this in so many different ways; he constantly wove this thread of authentic identity into his teachings. 

There are so many wonderful quotes, lectures, kriyas and meditations he shared that serve to bring us home to our True Selves. It is when we realize and dwell in our authenticity that we are fulfilled in our destiny and can serve and uplift others. Here we offer just a few of these precious gems.


Yogi Bhajan Lectures

Love the Truth of You

You Are You. Enjoy It.

Be You

Summer Solstice 1997

The Unseen Eye of Intuition


Recognize Your Reality

Yogi Bhajan's Patience Pays Affirmation  - 3HO Video


Kundalini Yoga Technology

Meditation into Being
A powerful meditation to remind the mind of your true identity with your Infinite Being.

Experiencing the Original You
It is said that if you practice this short set for 120 days, you will gain great vitality, personal excellence, and a new concept of what you are.

Meditation for the Neutral Mind
The Neutral Mind opens the gate to that deep remembrance of the self and soul.

Soul Talk Meditation
“This meditation brings the experience of the soul on the spot; it is soul talk.”

Meditation on the Self
In this 8-part kriya, you direct the mind in meditation to become aware of your identity and how you have guided it.

Laya Yoga Kundalini Mantra
If you concentrate into the subtle sounds of the mantra, you will become absorbed into the unlimited domain of your higher Self.

Relate to Your Own Essence
1 ½ minutes, 3 breaths: "This is a little initiation in which we can relate very politely to our own essence.” 

Meditation to Conquer Self-Animosity
This meditation conquers the state of self-animosity and gives you the ability for constant consciousness in support of the core self.

Caliber for Constant Self-Authority
This meditation enhances your capacity for caliber, to hold and execute self-authority.

Hemisphere Adjustment and Subconscious Memory Elimination
In this 7-part kriya, the brain hemispheres coordinate so that the totality of you will direct and your actions will be in harmony with who you are.

Creative Meditation of the Sublime Self
This meditation makes it intuitively possible for you to live creatively to your own potential and to tap the opportunities around you.

Meditation to Bring Prosperity to Your Life
“You are you and the very joy of being you is a most precious joy. It takes away all your suffering and pain."   


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