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A Salty Rivulet

By Deg Ajeet Kaur

Tears release, streaming down branches and rocks, making puddles along the shore and salty rivulets. Gravity pulls them down the beach to the ocean, going around and over shards of broken glass, rocks, seaweed and shells. They’ve been called home. Ocean ancestors welcome the tears’ return.

Glass tumbles in the gentle, waves - a quiet rhythm. They hurt, sting and are comforted by movement and repetition. The predawn sadhana is as predictable and dependable as the tide. Movement and breathing release tears, storm, fog and thunder clouds. By the end, dark turns to dawn, the view is serene, the ocean is flat and a tern makes its call.

Walking the shore, eyes gaze down, inspecting artifacts offered from the last tide, seeking the perfect piece of sea glass―brown, white, green and the rare blue. No. Not ready yet. Sharp edges remain. Lay it back at rest on the earth. It’s too soon. Give it time. Sometimes it may appear ready, but a crack at the core, deep within is working its way out. It’s not ready to be held in a hand; not ready to share its story. Trust it will be found on the right day, by a knowing hand, with a clear eye when the time is right. Trust that day will come. But for now, let it rest.

Grandmother moon pulls the tide in and out. Fog brings a quiet heaviness with no clear path in sight. Salty tears continue their rhythmic flow. There is no time in this space. With acceptance of how things are―not how they should be or were with someone else, or as it was in a movie or because someone said it should be done by now.

Without watching a tide, trying to perceive its shift. Predawn, waves wash in the sadhana to the sandy shore. A thunderous summer storm clears the fog and adds clarity. A mantra provides flight to the stars, where it’s quiet, with respite from any turbulence below. A daily prayer offered to the heavens for strength, for understanding, for peace. Tide comes in. Stretch and breathe. Tide recedes. Relax and let go.

Meanwhile, pick berries, watch the meadow grass move in the gentle wind. Dangle legs on a dock edge, witnessing sun dancing with the water and its currents. Look for a bird feather and ponder its beauty. Focus on work, cook, write a poem, sing a song, pet a cat, sleep and feel. And practice daily sadhana.

And then one day, the soft-edged sea glass lies open on the sand usually when a walk is just a walk and not a search for the perfect piece of sea glass. Feel it in the palm of your hand and admire it. Sharp edges are smoothed, tumbled in the sand, warmed by the sun, energized by the moon and bathed in the ocean of tears. The quiet sea glass shares its wisdom, like a mantra.

Salty tears cleanse – you are never alone

Everything is as it should be – trust the flow of life

Happiness is right next to you – spend time with yourself

Practice Seva - feel gratitude

Forgive and be forgiven

Life is an adventure, follow your bliss

Walk in beauty 

Hold the sea glass in your hand and listen to its wisdom when you need it. Or offer it to a child or a friend, or place it in a pocket or in a special spot, or leave it right where it was found and let it slowly reveal its next layer for healing. It holds strength.

Letting things go is hard for me. I look to the tide for comfort. It knows what it’s doing. It comes in and brings us gifts. It goes out and takes things away. In life, things come and they go. Some things on the beach aren’t meant to be there for long. In they come and out they go and it’s perfect. Like a tide. Like a sadhana. Like a breath. Like life.

I offer my tears to the salty rivulets. One day, my sea glass will be lavender, soft and perfect. But for now, it’s resting its rough edges in fine sand, surrounded by mussel shells. Water flows back and forth in a gentle rhythm, gurgling as sea weed sways. The sun sends its healing energy through the water. The moon watches over at night. Currents wash over it like a gong bath. There is a cadence to it, an earth dance; an acceptance of how things are right now. A Great Blue Heron stands still in observation and patience in the quiet light of dawn.

"In love we honor. In love we grace people. In love we support. In love we sacrifice. In love we give. In love we elevate. In love we pray."
-Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga transformed Deg Ajeet’s life (Janet Howard), helping her through big life changes with an increased sense of calm, emotional healing, self-acceptance and trust in the flow of life. She started to recognize a part of herself that was deep within. Quiet. Loving. Forgiven. Forgiving. Her daily sadhana is her gift to herself and the calm consistency in a chaotic, ever-changing world. Wherever she is, her kundalini sadhana is with her. Yes, she gets thrown off balance regularly, but each morning, she gets back to her center – strong, relaxed and at peace.

With an over 25 year career in health care environmental stewardship (, Deg Ajeet’s passion lies in healing the planet – feeling love, respect and appreciation for all living things and connecting with the energy in nature. On the side, Deg Ajeet established Rosehip26 for Air BNB and Reiki Integrative Touch offering. Deg Ajeet received her Level One Instructor Certification in May 2018 and teaches a weekly class at Ananda Yoga in western Massachusetts.