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Imagine Ultimate Love

By GuruMeher Khalsa

I want to imagine Ultimate Love. How delicious it must be. What can I do to taste it? Like the Ultimate Dessert, what would be the ingredients? I’ll start with what I know.

I have spent a lot of my life hungrily looking for love, and found so many ways to get it: Eating food, enjoying nature, hugs and kisses, love and nurturing, approval and support, giving and receiving of kind words and smiles. There is so much out there.

But sometimes there’s not! Pleasure turns to pain when I overeat, friends have a bad day and turn mean, or I turn mean, feel bad and unloved.

So here is my wish list of Ultimate Love ingredients:

1. It would feel REALLY GOOD, deeply satisfying, peace-giving, happiness filling.

2. It would need to be available, obtainable, accessible. I wouldn’t want it to be in short supply or disappear.

3. It would be great if I had some control over it; the source should be reliable, dependable so I don’t feel desperate and beggarly.

4. I would want it to be good for me and for everyone else too. I wouldn’t want it to cause jealousy or make anyone feel left out. No fighting over it; enough for all, I say!

I could go out and search for a long time, but I have a shortcut called “spiritual teacher.” He said:

“The fact is, if a person has not experienced the love of his or her soul, within one's self, there is no chance that that person can go out and love, even though it is a faculty of love that you most powerfully need.”
-Yogi Bhajan, 7/29/96

Okay Yogiji, that’s a pretty clever solution. If I can give love to myself, from within, that could take care of my conditions 2, 3 and 4. But sometimes it’s kind of a mess inside with conflicting thoughts, memories, feelings and fantasies. I don’t always like myself, so that isn’t such a safe supply after all. But again, teacher and teachings give me a clue:

Yogi Bhajan once told me (and I am paraphrasing from memory): “All this religion, spirituality, self-help, yogic practices, meditation and all such efforts come down to this: Sit down and work things out with yourself!”

After five decades of searching, learning, and experiencing anything I could find that might help my happiness, I can say that what made the most difference was to calm down enough to pay attention, to talk nicely to myself and find out what was wrong, to respond with compassion, to nurture and take care of myself until I felt the love. As I work out my issues with myself, that self-love  can be there for me. I can LEARN to love myself.

3 out of 4 ingredients available, but what about my #1 wish, that the love feel really good! Could it be as pleasurable as a mother’s love, a lover’s love? Once again, I can learn from one who has traveled further on this road to Ultimate love than myself:

“There is nothing brighter, more beautiful, more bountiful than your own living soul. Get in touch with the warmth, the love, and the romance of it.” 
-Yogi Bhajan, from the Aquarian Wisdom Calendar

I will keep going inside to grow that ever-present, infinite, ultimate love. It is within my control, won’t run out, and I have seen that the better I feel, the more loving I am to others. So it’s good for everyone! I got the recipe and will keep cooking it. Sweet deal!

GuruMeher is a professional Life Coach and Kundalini Teacher Trainer. His upcoming course, Emotional Liberation offers a complete training based on his book, Senses of the Soul and begins March 5, 2015. This and other resources for the positive use of negative emotions are yours at