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Spread the Light

By Ronit/Nihal Kaur

Sat Nam.

To all my kundalini friends,

My name is Ronit, Nihal kaur, and I live in Israel. I am sharing with you some words I wrote when there were bombs shooting on Tel Aviv. Israel was in a war.

In these days I stick to my practice. I do the sadhana, full long Japji, trying to find some peace. Trying to find a light in all the darkness.

So today, we had a sadhana. I took the time, no music, only me and God. Asking questions, trying to find answers. Why? Is there a way out? Will it always be this way? What do I need to do?

And the answer I got was "Keep Up." Stick to what you are doing. Spread the light. Don't let the darkness cover the light. This is what we are doing here.

Thirteen years ago I met Sunder Singh who showed me the light. I went after him and filled myself with the light of the soul, with the light of God inside and out.

Today, I go back to that light. I see the flower that is blossoming, I see the sun between the clouds, I hear my daughter’s laugh, and I know there is a light. 

I see the light!

Pray for us. Pray for peace, and for the light to be seen.

With love and light,

Ronit/Nihal Kaur