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Peace Prayer Day Every Day

By Haridev Kaur

The illusion that is time just keeps moving faster and faster. The hours, days and months keep speeding past since we celebrated International Peace Prayer Day at Guru Ram Das Puri. Much has shifted in our world since then, and as those shifts continue, the Universe calls on us to embody peace for our communities and our world each day.

I arrived at my first Summer Solstice in 2013 on International Peace Prayer Day and ventured off later that day to do the sacred peace walk for the first time. I did not enjoy it. My feet hurt with all the "goatheads" (known as prickers where I grew up in Connecticut). The elevation bothered me, as did the lack of humidity. And there were long lines of people and I could hear little explanation of what was going on (at least for my Type-A self). I played along, because that is what I believed I needed to do, but my negative mind had taken over. I spent time praying for peace—peace in the world, in a way that I did not often do in my day to day life at that time.

I arrived a few days earlier at Summer Solstice 2014 this year so I was feeling a bit less impacted by the elements as International Peace Prayer Day began. I enjoyed the yoga class with Hari Kaur in the tantric shelter—so memorable! 

I am very aware of the weather and its power, since much of my career has been centered around weather and climate policy. The power of the weather was palpable during that class. When tuning in at the start of class it rained, but only on top of the tantric shelter—awesome! Following some amazing Qi Gong, Gatka and a powerful kriya, we chanted Ardas Bhaee in meditation and the rain poured down. It was beautiful, powerful, sacred...bringing the peace in!  

After the class finished, I felt a significant opening within myself. It was an opening to peace in my life. International Peace Prayer Day was about peace within myself this year. I cannot have peace around me until I have peace within myself. It is clear that I was not open to finding that peace within myself last year. I was fighting it. But with all the challenges and adventures of the past year, I am finally loving myself enough to find and allow the peace within.

As senseless violence has plagued our planet in the past few months, the love and compassion that was encapsulated within International Peace Prayer Day has helped sustain me and share love and compassion with others.

May the Kundalini technology that helps us to find peace within ourselves shine from us like a bright light so that others may find that peace as well and spread it across this troubled yet beautiful Earth.

Haridev Kaur:  My Kundalini adventure got supercharged with the sacred sound current when I attended the first Sat Nam Fest in 2010 and I have been blessed to dance my way through life ever since. I am an IKYTA certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, teaching at multiple locations in the D.C. metro area and connecting to yogis across the world through my online yoga experiences and video sessions. As a longtime community organizer and political activist, I love to connect with people and create community around shared values and passions. Through my yoga teaching and online experiences, I seek to connect yogis to support each other in building and sustaining their personal daily yoga, meditation and spiritual practices.