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Keep Up, Keep Calm, and Share: Poems of Peace

By Amr Dev Kaur/Ahira Malka

Yoga is about being peace, feeling peace-full from the inside out and radiating that, sharing it with others—who are us!

I find yoga to be inspiring—doing it, but also reading from The Master's Touch, which I have done almost every day for years, connecting to sangat, and cooking and eating healthfully. The best thing for me about moving to an ashram was/is that yoga became not just something to do at a certain time or in a certain place but all the time in every place.

During the recent war many bombs fell in at my hometown of Be'er Sheva, Israel. People tend to want to take a side for safety and camaraderie. What's much more difficult and needed is to hold both sides. Even when I don't speak directly to this, it's a part of my writing that makes it more powerful and effective. When I 'perform,' I am really ministering. In speaking from my peaceful, breath-filled heart, I pacify and demonstrate a way to self-healing.

The following poem is inspired by reading, listening, and learning the Mul Mantra:

Mul Moves Me

Word up! to the one Creation.

This here is my interpretation.

Doing everything

while fearing nothing

no death no birth self-lit

Guru's blessing!

Meditate! (on it)

True at the start

true always

true now

Nanak true eternally and forever.


When do you give up?

Absolutely never!

Keep up, keep calm, and share.

The world needs you

in this time of despair.

Keep up, keep calm, take care.

The world needs you

in this time

of despair.


Here is a poem I wrote during the last (not most recent) bombing:

Beyond the Now

I respond to war with beauty, I respond to war with art,
I respond by recognizing, and not being ripped apart.

I increase the love and joy
which swell up my heart
because war will never be diminished by feeding it in any way

Ease restriction and let the blood flow
Let oxygen move and your breathing slow
Allow in the light and relate to what’s right and the night of the world will naturally go the way that it came

Consciousness brings the day-break. Your aura’s your safety,
so help it be strong.
When you know something’s wrong, let it just move along.

The world’s like a projection of your own mind,
and the gift you can give it is mainly


To be beyond time
is what I’m about
That’s what gives me the time
to work it all out.

So I respond to war with beauty, I respond to war with art,
I respond by contemplating while still being ripped apart.

Because while being beyond time is what I’m all about,
I fear I have no time
to work anything out.


© Ashira Malka 16th November, 2012 Rockville, Maryland

(Originally published in Poetica Magazine)


Amr Dev Kaur says:

"Ever since Van Gogh’s post-humous fame,

art in the West’s been seen

as a crazy person’s game.

Amr Dev makes it a mission to regain

art’s meaning

and reattain the sane."