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Half Star of David Meditation

1 exercise, 5 - 31 minutes, from Kriya: Yoga Sets, Meditations, Classic Kriyas

Enjoy this pranayam as you breathe consciously, expand your lung capacity, and bring in healing light. 

Posture: Sit in a comfortable meditative position with a straight spine.

Mudra: Press the pads of the thumbs, Jupiter (index) and Saturn (middle) fingers of each hand together. The pressure should be firm enough to produce a great heat in the hands.

The Sun (ring) and Mercury (pinkie) fingers do not touch and are spread wide and down.

Place the mudra a few inches in front of the Heart Center so that the thumbs point straight back toward the chest.

The other two fingers point up and away from the chest at a 60-angle to the earth, and do not touch.

The elbows are relaxed down in a natural posture by the sides.

Breath: Breathe through the nose. Inhale as long and deep as possible and then suspend the breath as long as possible. Exhale as long and slow and complete as possible. This is known as conscious breathing. Do it often for it is very good for you.

Eyes and Focus: Close the eyelids. Roll the eyes upward so that they are looking at the top of the skull. Focus at the crown of the head and the flow of the breath. If you wish, you can imagine the healing light which flows with the breath.

Time: Continue for 5 – 31 minutes.

© KRI. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. Used with permission.

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