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God has Placed Anger Inside You for a Sacred Purpose

By Catalyst Yogi

Anger makes you less than a human and more of a beast. But if you divert this anger toward your weaknesses, you'll be perfect. In essence you get angry if you do not do what is correct. Anger was meant for self-purification. It was not meant to burn others.
-Yogi Bhajan 7/29/96

As leaders, teachers and healers of the Aquarian Age we can be hard on ourselves, especially when we feel the negative emotions such as anger. The truth is that when we feel angry, we’re really angry at ourselves. We feel angry because we’re avoiding feeling powerless, vulnerable and out of control. We are avoiding feeling weak. The definition of weakness in this sense of the word is the projection of the masculine pole onto the feminine pole.

We all have internal masculine and feminine energies that are merging for the Aquarian Age. Remember we are all becoming whole onto ourselves. The patriarchal conditioning, which we are leaving behind, views surrender, vulnerability and compassion as weak.

Our so-called weakness is really the strength of our ego. What strengthens the ego is our conditioned beliefs inherited through living in the Piscean Age. We wrongly believe:

  • We need to be right and get the last word in
  • Others are responsible for our emotional state
  • Another person or institution has power over us
  • We have to defend our point of view
  • We are our roles, material possessions and opinions
  • We are separate from one another and GOD
  • We are not good enough as we were created
  • We are inadequate to do our purpose
  • We are victims to our reality
  • We must compete with one another and ‘go and get’ in order to survive

Anger has the potential to be transformative. It is only a frequency of energy—an expression of one of the 5 tattvas. When this energy is fed to the ego it can create a false sense of power within us and this incurs more karma. Or if we internalize it, it becomes depression. This too feeds the ego and keeps us locked away from our true self.

What strengthens the ego essentially weakens us. It weakens our true identity as spiritual beings having human experiences on planet Earth.

When we are weak, we’re not intuitive; we don’t see holistically; and we are cut off from our hearts. Instead of making yourself wrong for feeling angry, imagine that GOD has placed that anger inside you for a sacred purpose. Invite it in—which is to allow it to be there without reaction or projecting it outwards. Most people do not sit with their anger, as it is uncomfortable and they believe that they will feel this way forever. The truth is that anger is a sacred tool for transformation. You can choose to give anger to your ego, which weakens your Soul, or choose to use it as fuel to purify yourself from ego, which strengthens your Soul.

It’s really a matter of knowing with every cell of your Being that you are innocent. This lifetime is about realizing that you are and have always been innocent. To reclaim our innocence we need to feel vulnerable, powerless and like children again. Our innocence is buried with our wounded inner child that still lives deep inside each one of us. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “In order to enter the Kingdom of God you must be like little children.” We must be innocent like children in order to enter into the Aquarian Age.

If you do not believe that you are innocent, then use that fuel of anger to burn everything preventing you from knowing this sacred Truth. Get angry at your judgement towards others, your negativity and your own self-hatred. Use anger to scorch all that is not in the frequency of Love.

This time we are in is about standing up for Truth and it starts with protecting your innocence first. We will not be a force for good in the world until we realize our own innocence. Otherwise we are shadows fighting other shadows.

It’s time to stop listening to the voice of the ego in yourself and others.

Your greatest strength is found within your innocence. Your innocence vibrates at such a high frequency that none can destroy it. Even now if you feel that your innocence had been stolen from you through childhood trauma, know that is not true. Your innocence is there waiting for you like a glistening diamond, if only you choose to fight for it. This is the only battle worth fighting now.

It is only when you reclaim your innocence that you can see the innocence in others, which is to perceive reality as it truly is. Your innocence is like a shining beacon of light for others to follow into the Aquarian Age.

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