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April 2013 KundaLiving: The Capacity to Heal

The creative force is incredibly powerful and healing. The Earth, in her organic state, can regenerate and enrich herself continuously. This is the power of the Kundalini in a human being. We have the capacity to heal and renew ourselves. With the grace of the Divine, we can also become a channel to heal others. It takes a commitment to live in balance. It also requires an understanding of how the body and mind work at the deepest levels. The wisdom of Kundalini Yoga can give a person these insights and experiences. With sincere practice, it is possible for people to awaken their own power to heal themselves.

  • What is your relationship to healing?
  • Do you see issues within yourself that you would like to heal?
  • Do you believe that healing is possible?
  • Could you imagine one day that your word, your touch or your presence could serve as a channel for another person to heal? What about your family? Your community? Your world?
  • What healing do you think is needed and how can you contribute to that?

This month, we hope you enjoy exploring how your body works by the breath; how  the breath affects your physical and mental equilibrium; and how the Divine can come through you to serve and heal the world.

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