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Yogic Living: Changing Habit Patterns by Rewiring the Brain

As the seasons change, our habits and routines change. Some habits are easy to change, but others are more difficult. Yogi Bhajan said that 60 – 85% of our behavior is based on habits. First we create a habit, then the habit creates us. It is easy to become slaves to our habits.

“The mind has a capacity to act like a recorder. A habit enters the recorder and then begins, automatically, to play itself back in your behavior, feelings, and thoughts. Layer after layer of habit forms in the subconscious mind of each person. Used with awareness, habits help you act quickly, and automate actions that require little change. Used without a relationship between you and the mind, they steal your spontaneity, uniqueness, and projection. You have a choice: live in excellence and awareness or live subject to the stereotypes of your subconscious habits.”
-Yogi Bhajan

How do we break the cycle of habitual thoughts, emotions, and behavior? Kundalini Yoga and meditation is effective in helping us to ‘rewire the brain’—to break demoting habits and create new promoting habits. The two hemispheres of the brain, hypothalamus gland, frontal lobe, vagus nerve, and pineal gland all have special roles in our brains and our consciousness. They are involved and important in the technology and practice of Kundalini Yoga. Kriyas, meditations, mudras, breathwork, eye focus, and mantra all work on re-patterning the brain.

Here we offer examples of kriyas, thoughts and ideas from our bloggers, and Yogi Bhajan’s lectures and quotes that describe the power of yoga to rewire the brain.


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Kundalini Yoga Technology

7 Wave Sat Nam Meditation
Bij mantras such as Sat Naam are sounds which can totally rearrange the habit patterns. We all have habit patterns; we could not function without them. But sometimes the patterns we have created are not wanted.

Sa Ta Na Ma Kriya To Change the Spinal Fluid and Gray Matter of the Brain
Let the hands and navel dance, see how young you will become. After 5 to 7 minutes it will change the spinal serum and grey matter of the brain.

Basic Breath Series
When you alter the breath you begin to oppose and release the habitual patterns of emotion and attention that are coded in the habits of your body and mind. 

Meditation on the Self
The mind runs wild on old thought patterns and habits. If you cannot have the mind when you need it, it is useless. When you manipulate the body identity by exercises, then a clear message of guidance is given to the mind.

Renewing the Brain: Mental Exercises 
By rewriting the patterns in our brains, that is, literally rewiring our responses to life, we can quit reacting and begin living.

Hemisphere Adjustment and Subconscious Memory Elimination
When you encounter a challenging situation and the left initial brain is asked to act, the right brain and the memory should coordinate so that the totality of you will direct the response and the response will be in harmony with who you are.

Tattva Balance Beyond Stress and Duality
Yogis have long recognized that the best decision-making takes place when the left and right hemispheres of the brain are balanced and synchronized. This meditation balances the brain and relieves stress.

The One Minute Breath
In this meditation the whole brain works. It optimizes cooperation between the brain hemispheres.

Meditation for Healing Addictions 
This meditation activates the brain area directly underneath the stem of the pineal gland. Once the pineal gland has started secreting, it will give you radiance. It will free you from old patterns.

Hast Kriya: Earth to Heavens
This kriya uses a Jupiter mantra and renews the nervous system. Jupiter controls the medulla oblongata, the neurological center of the brain, and the three rings of the brain stem.

Meditation to Develop the Frontal Lobe and Hypothalamus
"We have two things in our body; frontal lobe and upper palate. We need to practice stimulation and control. These are two things in the body which are underdeveloped. And you can only develop them by imagination and by certain permutations and combinations of words with the tongue, so you can get the result." 

Kirtan Kriya
Here's a mantra to help you consolidate and change your habits. This mantra is a catalyst for change.

Meditation of Change
The ego will not let you change easily. To be happy through all change and to have the full radiance of your soul, there must be surrender of your self to your higher self. 

The Whistling Breath
Research on the vagus nerve has revealed that it is involved in our feelings of compassion, empathy, and goodness. Any exaggerated movement of the lips stimulates the vagus nerve.

Prana Mudra
This mudra puts pressure on the vagus nerve and causes the pineal and pituitary glands to secrete, creating a resonance in the brain that moves it out of its normal rhythm to a meditative state. This allows one’s prayer to come from the heart.

Meditation to Blossom into Your Full Potential 
This meditation causes the heavy area of the vagus nerve to activate. This extends the brain—eventually to Infinity. The result for the meditator is that she will blossom into her entire potential.


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