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Yogic Living: Deep Listening

3HO is in the midst of a challenging time:  in addition to the pandemic that has forced us to cancel our in-person summer events and the anti-racism protests in the USA that have demanded we examine our hidden biases, the allegations about Yogi Bhajan have rocked our world.

We are facing difficult times and difficult conversations in our personal and professional lives, and are doing our best as a team to step up to the plate, look fearlessly at the past, and forge a path forward with consciousness, integrity and grit.

We don't have all the answers yet, but we would like to share with you our on-going process:

As a team, we are tackling weekly anti-racism training and homework.  We've compiled our homework for you, too, should you want to follow along with us.

As a community, we await the results of the Olive Branch investigation.  We have put together a Listening Tour where we can have open, honest conversations about the allegations and begin to process how to move forward.

As yogis, we've put together yogic resources on deep listening. Instead of hearing only what aligns with our own beliefs and expectations, in deep whole-hearted listening we set aside our own agenda, ideas, and our ego. We must listen in order to fully hear and understand what is being said. Before any healing can begin, understanding must occur.

Anti-Racism Resources

As a predominantly white organization, 3HO acknowledges the culture of white privilege and implicit bias that has existed within our community. We are now doing the deep work necessary to change—to raise awareness and educate ourselves and our 3HO community in support of anti-racism and social justice. Our hope is that by sharing these resources, we can help to inspire our spiritual community to join us as we work towards a world of true equality, equity and justice for all.

From the Blog

Breathe, Pause, and Listen by DukhNiwaran Kaur

Listening Our Way to Conscious Change with the 8th Pauri of Japji by Pritpal Singh

Listening with Love by DukhNiwaran Kaur

Unlocking the Power of Mantra: Deep Listening by Dev Suroop Kaur

The Listening Tour


Kundalini Yoga Technology

Meditation to Listen without Fear
This meditation works on the heart center and the head, and the interlock of fear that blocks your ability to actually listen to another person.

Meditation on Rama 
Chanting in a group will bring you to the same frequency of communication with each other and will expand your intuition to understand one another.

Kriya to Open the Heart Center
This kriya opens the heart, increases compassion and sensitivity to others, and helps you to drop emotional defensiveness.

Breath Purification and the Navel Energy
Meditating on the breath will give you a sense of the beauty of life and the beauty of self. If you have a strong mental foundation, it must start in the recognition that you are a beautiful soul. Self-respect leads to respect for others. 

Meditation to Transcend Individual Consciousness and Anger 
This meditation can be done individually or with a partner. With a partner, when you have argued and talked until you can talk and argue no longer, sit 4 to 5 feet across from your partner in this meditation. This meditation breaks the spell of intolerance and confusion and disperse any latent anger.

Meditation on Change
The ego will not let you change easily. It blocks communication. You must assess yourself. To be happy through all change and to have the full radiance of your soul, there must be surrender of yourself to your higher Self. Practice this meditation each day to aid the process of self-evaluation and to probe the ego to change and unblock subconscious communication.

Naad Meditation to Communicate Your Honest Self
This meditation lets you know where your heart is and what is in it.

Meditation to Clear Your Communication
This meditation clears your communication so what you say can be heard.

Balancing Mind & Heart unto Infinity
This meditation balances the frequency and quality of the Heart Center. The Heart Center opens the potential for compassion and humility. Humanity is going through a global transition into the Aquarian Age. It is through the understanding that comes from the heart that the mind can realize the concept that Infinity is within us.

Meditation to Arouse Mercy and Compassion
Embrace compassion and humility as you learn to listen deeply.

For Thinking Before You Speak
If your lips are not doing a proper job of guarding the most powerful hole in the body (your mouth), do this meditation.

The Compassion Kriya
Compassion makes you human. If you take compassion out, everything becomes bitter. Compassion is a value of life; it is power; it is truth.

More Kundalini Technology for Conscious Communication

Kriya for Tolerance
To gain strength for tolerance and humility, the navel center needs to be developed. 

Naad Meditation to Communicate from Totality
This meditation lets you merge into the feeling of totality. When you speak from that feeling you create trust. With trust you establish strong relationships.

Group Solidarity Meditation
Practice this meditation to bring your group together into an energy of unity and oneness.

Kriya for Mood and Metabolism Balance
This kriya neutralizes the being and helps prevent depression and other negativity. It also balances and properly proportions emotional moods with body metabolism.

Alternate Nostril Breathing
This technique can help us calm ourselves and be effective in our communication. When we breathe long and deeply through alternate nostrils, the whole nervous system is soothed, calmed and energized simultaneously.

Meditation for Self-Assessment
We do not recognize the power of the word in creating our world. There is no energy more potent than the word. Because we are unaware of the effect of what we say on consciousness, we say whatever we want and do whatever we feel. It is essential for the human life to coordinate our actions with the channel of creative energy of our words. We need to assess ourselves in this manner all the time, until the mind is trained to say only what is true. Then you can know the depth of the self

Naad Namodan Rasa
The time is such that all these techniques must become available and practiced if we are to go to the next stage of our maturity on Earth. We must know how to adjust ourselves and how to be potent and conscious in our communication.

Meditation to Solve Communication Problems
This meditation activates the Mercury power of communication.

Meditation to Bless Yourself
Start living consciously. Become a human being. Be humble, serviceful, kind, compassionate. Your power to heal is in how much anger you have forgiven yourself for.

Meditation on Everyone as a Flow of Life
As long as you don't remember you are spirit, then how can you know everyone is spirit? Join ‘I am’ and ‘we’ and ‘us’―join and flow―self-realized, united, with the realization that you are part of Infinity. 

Kirtan Kriya
Here's a mantra to help you consolidate and change your habits. This mantra is a catalyst for change.

Meditation for Developing Your Human Kindness
Give this meditation a lot of reverence and do it with love and devotion, very calmly. It gives one the capacity to rise above time and space.