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Space Fever: When the Mind Runs Wild

By Catalyst Yogi/Haribhajan

Yogi Bhajan’s predictions about this time include a disease that humanity would be experiencing called Space Fever. It happens when technology progresses so fast that humanity can’t keep up with it.

We are now experiencing this with all of our technological gadgets such as our smart phones, i-pads, i-pods and laptops. Through technology we can now communicate in real time with someone half way around the world or in the next room. We can see Facebook posts and tweets from far away places and we no longer need to be physically in the same environment to communicate in real time.

In the Aquarian Age, technology is truly a gift that is bringing us closer together as a humanity—if used in the service of higher consciousness. However, there is a shadow to technology that Yogi Bhajan warned us about 20 years ago in 1995.

“Now what is coming is a little heavier. It is called ‘space fever.' The new word, you must coin it today. Space fever is a disease in which you cannot be comfortable in the space you are in. You cannot go into the space comfortably where you want to go in. And you cannot have the space of environments according to you. Space disease or space fever happens to humanity when progress is faster technically than imaginable.” -Yogi Bhajan (1995)

Space Fever makes it deeply uncomfortable to be in the present moment. Whatever environment you find yourself in, you want to be somewhere else. If you are at work, you want to be on vacation. If you are driving, you want to already have arrived. If you are with one person, you want to be with someone else. Space Fever makes people feel deeply dissatisfied with the environment that they find themselves in, no matter how idyllic.

Through technological advancement, our mind has been let loose to potentially take over our reality.

The mind is compelled to pull our consciousness from the present moment to another more interesting space such as with virtual friends on Facebook, Youtube, or binging on the latest television series on Netflix. Never before has the mind had so many choices with information to distract ourselves from the present moment.

Even if we are at a live event, instead of being present in that moment, the mind wants to take pictures and video and watch it later as memory. We are obsessed with chaining ourselves to our gadgets and prefer texting and e-mailing to relating to the real humans in our space in the present moment.

How Does Space Fever Affect Us?

Technology can represent the ultimate maya filled with fantasy and illusion—a playground for the mind. Technology can create a world of superficiality devoid of any meaning. Through social media, we don’t have to be authentic—we now have control over our image and what we choose to share with the world.

We can allow the ego to take over and express its obsession with its own image as seen by the amount of ‘selfies’ we see in our news feeds each day. With social media, most people share pictures of the happy highlights of their life and not the reality of life with its up and downs. This leads to the feeling of loneliness and isolation because its sends out the false message that most people are leading these happy and glamorous lives.

Space fever has the potential to make us into ‘transhumans’—robots without heart perceiving others as simply one dimensional objects to feed the fantasies of our mind.

In relating to others, we prefer to be texting or reading about someone else somewhere else, rather than to be with that person in the same space. We may prefer to communicate in sound bytes with each other rather than have complete and full conversations. We have the potential to lose what it means to be human.

The younger generation who have been brought up with social media are asking interesting questions like. “How do I have a real conversation with someone in real life?” “How do I talk about my feelings and what is really going on with me?”

What is really driving Space Fever? It’s not technology. Technology is only a symptom of something deeper churning within the collective unconsciousness of humanity. There is a deep fear of profound emptiness that is coming to the surface of humanity.

It is the fear of coming face to face with yourself; of feeling your vulnerability as an itty bitty human on planet Earth, hurling through space in this infinite galaxy. It is the fear of asking yourself the question, “Who am I—really? And why am I on this planet?”

The fear is to face the greatest of all human wounding, which is to feel separate from our Creator, our source, the Divine. Underneath these fears is immense pain—the pain of what it really means to be a human.

This pain is a good thing, a blessing. It is the portal into your True Authentic Self. This human pain that Space Fever is distracting you from IS your awakening.

What Can You Do?

1. Slow Down

Space fever takes us out of our own rhythm which is why it is called a disease. Disease is when we fall out of rhythm with the rhythm of the Earth. This is when we live the majority of our lives from the speediness of the mind rather than living in the reality of the body—which depletes our auric radiance and magnetism, for it is the physical body that is always in the present moment.

The easiest way to slow down is to be out in nature, breathing long and deep and feeling your feet on the ground.

2. Meditate

We must bring consciousness to technology. Technology is there to serve us, not the other way around. This takes mental discipline, which is one of the purposes of meditation. Otherwise, hours can pass unaccounted for in the land of the big black hole of the internet. It is best to have an intention and a limit before logging on to the internet.

3. Deal with Boredom

Life is extremely boring to the mind; it moves too slowly. Resist the urge to be on your gadget in your life, especially when your mind is bored. For example, if you are in a grocery store line, be there fully 100% rather than reaching for your gadget. You will be amazed at how much beauty you pick up and notice when you are fully present in all your environments.

4. Be Here Now

When in the presence of real live people, be fully present with one another. Feel the richness and satisfaction of life when you engage with people not as little icons in your mind, but real live people with many dimensions. This real live authentic communication is food for your Soul. Then, risk to be yourself on social media.

5. Embrace Emptiness as a Teacher

When you feel that discomfort and agitation of Space Fever surfacing within your physical body, stop whatever you are doing, breathe long and deep, and just feel it. Embrace this feeling of emptiness and welcome it like a long lost friend that is there pointing you to your Authentic Self.

At its root, this is what we are all seeking—to be, to love and to fully express our True Self in this lifetime.

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