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Yogic Living: Sending Love, Light, and Healing Across Time and Space

The technology of Kundalini Yoga and the 3HO lifestyle afford us the ability to uplift ourselves. We raise our spirits and connect to the light of the soul. Once we hold the awareness of our inner light within, we have a choice: to what purpose will we use our light? The call of our community is to rise just as the Kundalini energy does and to become a tribe of lightworkers that can send peace and radiance around the world. It is not enough that we are the light. It is our mandate to be the lighthouse.
May we share our love and healing prayers with humanity. May we project and send out our light, bringing peace and harmony to all beings. May we rise as one global 3HO family to meet the occasion of the Aquarian Age with grace and healing energy.

“Just as you throw a stone into the water and the waves go out, similarly your thought waves are going out. Imagine you are on the top of Mount Everest. You are sitting and sending waves out to the entire globe. You are a beautiful magnetic field and you vibrate…Become a beacon of vibratory power of your soul…Send the waves out…One planet, one humanity, one mankind, one God.”
-Yogi Bhajan


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