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Meditation on Names of God

Every religion has one word:

Jaa-ho-vaah: Yaah

Haa-le-lu-ja: Haa

Laa-ay-laa: Laa

Raa-maa: Raa

Saa-taa Naa-maa: Saa

They don't have more than one sound, yet still man fights with one another. Man and his world and his kingdom; man dividing each other, "I am black, I am yellow, I am pink, I am gold, I am white, I am this." The fighting has never stopped. Neither has religion stopped it, nor geography—nothing, because basically there is a greed. The idea is, "God is impotent, He will do nothing, I have to do everything." The fight is between "I" and "Thou." But the Teacher belongs to "Thou," not "I."

We have practiced religion for thousands of years, we have never practiced reality. Reality is: We are spirit. We are always spirit. When we are not spirit, we are called "Dead." And when we are alive and we do not recognize spirit, we are "Super Dead." The one whose Third Eye opens is that one whose "I" belongs to "Thou."

Posture: Sit in a meditative posture.

Eyes: Close the eyes.

Music: Meditate on the various Names of God on Matamandir Singh's recording.

Time: 5 minutes.

To End: Inhale and relax.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. Used with permission.

This meditation can be found in Transformation, vol. 2, available through KRI.