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Yogic Living: Access Your Inner Guidance

Kundalini Yoga develops the power of your inner voice, the intuitive mind. Every person has inner guidance available to them and can choose to listen and live with its support. When you clean out the subconscious mind and learn to listen through deep meditation, and when your thoughts and feelings resonate with the soul, you can sense that guidance that is always present.

As you develop your internal guidance system, you can use it as a touchstone when faced with the decisions, questions, and choices life brings you.


Wisdom from the Master

Quotes on Inner Guidance


   Inner Guidance and the Mind

   Guidance of the Higher Self

   Ego, Guru, Guide

   Guidance of the Guru

   The Little Voice Inside

   I, the Self, Call on My Psyche

   Developing Intuition


Kundalini Yoga Technology

Meditation for Guidance: Strengthen the Inner Voice 
At times when the path of truth and clarity seems lost, calm yourself and still your mind. Then the path will be shown to you. 

Meditation to Hear the Inner Voice
"If you practice this, you will start hearing the inner voice so strong, you will exactly know what is being said inside."

The Guru Ram Das Mantra
This mantra projects the mind to the Infinite and then brings finite guidance on a practical level.

Intuition Meditation
"You must have your own intuition, and your spirit must talk to you."

Guidance of the Soul
This meditation is a sacred Kundalini Kriya. It is called Guidance of the Soul, also known as Giaan Sudhaa Simran Kriya.

The Teacher Within: Tratakum Meditation 
Humbly tell your mind that the higher Self will guide you across the ocean of individuality, into the peace of the Cosmic Self. Know that you will receive guidance in all matters.

Meditation for Completing Your Goals with Higher Guidance
This meditation is a prayerful projection for a unified response from the Universe. Help and knowledge come back to serve you and complete your goal.

Meditation on the Self
The body is your finite identity. The mind is a bridge to your infinite identity which is even beyond the soul. When you manipulate the body identity by exercises, then a clear message of guidance is given to the mind.

The Complete Adi Mantra
The complete individual form of the Adi Mantra immerses you in awareness and guidance for your personal situation. It establishes a guiding beam between you and your higher consciousness that is true through all states.

Ang Sang Wahe Guru 
Chanting this mantra 25 times/day will develop intuition and let you see the unseen, hear the unheard, and know the unknown. “It is the self-guidance in experience which is the Guru, which takes you from darkness to light.” 


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