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Evolutionary Astrology: Jan 2013 – A Watery Year of Change


Welcome to 2013, another year of churning for change, with an emphasis on evolutionary planets in the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Continuing Uranus-Pluto Squares

This year, the Uranus-Pluto squares of 2012-2015 continue (in Aries and Capricorn respectively), stimulating citizens around the world to become more aware of what is happening at the level of leadership: in governments, churches, board rooms, and elsewhere. The push is for citizens to speak up and fight to ensure everyone is represented. Personally, the push is to heal wounded-ness in ourselves (Pluto), especially in relation to powerlessness, and in any places/ways that we have gone along with conditioned patterns in ourselves and our lives (Capricorn), which do not reflect the soul’s needs for growth and individuation (Uranus in Aries). Uranus and Pluto are not currently moving through water signs, but this major configuration for change is aided and abetted this year by other planets adding to the mix from positions in water signs.

Neptune Continues in Pisces

Throughout 2013, Neptune is still in the early degrees of Pisces (water sign), a 15-year journey that promises a long period of exploring the balms of escapism and the righteousness of beliefs (enlightened or otherwise). It also hopefully stimulates the integration of compassion… and the compassion of integration! The highest expression of Pisces allows everyone to come to the table in equality, embracing the wholeness of society, rather than reinforcing systemic hierarchy and separation. The highest ideal is to begin to see everyone as part of God, dissolving compartmentalization, segregation, class-warfare, “us vs. them” mentalities and policies, and disenfranchisement. If we can do that, we help our social structures move in the direction of reflecting that truth.

Mercury Retrogrades of 2013 – In Water Signs

Every year Mercury gives us three opportunities for internal withdrawal and assessment in the form of retrograde periods, apparent backward motion. This year, the three Mercury retrogrades occur in the water signs, adding to the preponderance of the water element this year. While the outer planets form intense aspects for deep and profound changes in humanity, these Mercury retrograde periods will invite us to understand the effects that our personal ideas and our mental filters have on our relationships with ourselves (Cancer), intimate others (Scorpio), and the collective whole of our cultures and humanity (Pisces).

2013 Mercury Retrograde Dates

February 23 – March 17

June 26 – July 20

October 21 – November 10

January 2013 – Jupiter Turns Direct at Lunar Eclipse Point

This year, Saturn continues its passage through Scorpio (water sign), dancing in and out of an exact sextile aspect with Pluto (a water planet, which rules Scorpio). As I wrote in my December 2012 article, our last Lunar Eclipse (on November 28th, which is still in effect), involved the Moon coming an intense Yod aspect with the Saturn-Pluto sextile. I wrote about how the Lunar Eclipse forming at that point put immense pressure on our psyches and emotions, to reset them at a clearer, higher vibration.

The alternative response is simply absorbing and building more pressure internally, with potentials of imploding or exploding. This is about healing and transforming our relationship to social structures, and addressing how we are represented by our leaders within those social structures. It is about claiming our ability to have a say in our own lives.

On December 22nd, Jupiter moved into that same formation, receiving the same pressure from Saturn and Pluto. The pressure to Jupiter spurred us to examine how we have underestimated the power of our own minds and perceptions, and the ability to think for ourselves about what we see.

On January 30th, Jupiter—which has been in retrograde motion since early October 2012—appears to come to a standstill, turning “direct” to resume forward motion. The “King of the Gods” pauses to turn at the very same degree of Gemini as the Lunar Eclipse on November 28th. It energetically reminds us of the emotional “reset” called for with the eclipse, but with a Jupiter in Gemini theme…

In those who are humble and under-represented, Jupiter retrograde asks us to examine how we have been underestimating our perceptions and our understanding of what’s happening “out there.” Perhaps to see how we have been filtering events around us through a lens of being small and just trying to keep up with the daily details of our daily lives, while others “above us” make the decisions that may or may not be in our best interests.

In the wealthy and the powerful, the “leaders,” Jupiter often shows up as greed and arrogance, and a lack of awareness or interest in the small details of their plans and power plays. We often see ignorance of whether the “small people” they lead are hurt by the decisions made to benefit themselves and their interests. For them, the pressure of this aspect with introspective Jupiter retrograde right at the Yod point, is an experience of being squeezed to try to see things from the perspective of the humble and the many, those the leaders represent.

In the Spring, Jupiter will move into another Yod with Saturn and Pluto, once again pressuring for change, before Jupiter moves into Cancer (water sign) this summer, adding to the significant water emphasis of 2013.

In the meantime, please fasten your seatbelts, and remember to keep your arms inside the vehicle. Off we go!

Suggestions for January 2013:

Personally: Stay attuned and aware of what’s happening around you. Observe in the most objective way possible, and if you feel you need to speak up for the better for everyone, do it.

Yogic-ly: Work to maintain a neutral mind, so you can perceive what’s actually happening and intuitively know how to act/respond.

Two relevant meditations are:

  • Meditation for the Sattvic Guna, from the book The Mind – Its Projections and Multiple FacetsTo still and refine the mind, so you can discern God’s will and act accordingly.
  • Meditation for Mental Clarity and Purity, from the book The Mind – Its Projections and Multiple Facets. To eliminate mental impurity.

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