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Yogic Living: Intuition—Your Guiding Star

“You have to develop intuition so that you can always be conscious of the known and the unknown, into the guidance of tomorrow, with the strength of today, with the experience of yesterday.”

Intuition is your guide and guardian. It is the voice of the soul, your own inner teacher. Daily meditation strengthens your intuition by cleansing the mind and bringing your thoughts and feelings into alignment with the wisdom of the soul. Conflicting thoughts and feelings fade so we can sense that guiding star of intuition that is always present. A strong intuitive mind gives us the ability to know the unknown consequences of our actions before we act, so that we can make wise choices to guide our lives.  

“When the mind is said to be intuitive and you develop it, it is an investment. And then whenever you want the answer to something, you don't have to call on anything. You have to call your own computer. Just stop yourself. And in the click of moments, your own self will talk to you.”

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Kundalini Yoga Technology

Kriya for Becoming Intuitive 
This 5 exercise kriya gently works on the pituitary. It recharges and enriches your energy and counteracts frustration, depression, and computer sicknesses.

The 4 Stroke Breath to Build Intuition
In the Aquarian Age intuition will be the principle of identity. This is a little meditation to see how well we can tell our own pituitary to work for us. You must know reality by intuition. 

Kriya to Know through Intuition 
This kriya develops your ability to open to the Unknown through intuition and sensitivity. It is an excellent kriya to prepare for powerful prayer and to develop intuition.

Breath of Ten Meditation to Become Dis-Ease Free 
This pranayam is a magnetic energy therapy. It can give you a disease-free body, a clear meditative mind, and it can develop your intuition.

Meditation for the 7th and 8th Chakras
This meditation exalts the intuition. We've offered it here in 8 different languages.

Ang Sang Wahe Guru 
Chanting this mantra 25 times/day will develop intuition and let you see the unseen, hear the unheard, and know the unknown.

The One Minute Breath
The One Minute Breath calms anxiety and fear, and develops intuition.

Laya Yoga Kriya for Intuition and the Power to Heal 
This kriya takes you to the most subtle realm of creativity. It awakens the kundalini force that energizes the whole Creation. 

3 Minute Kriya to Develop a Meditative Mind
A meditative mind gives one the intuitive ability to realize the consequences of a sequence of actions and therefore gives one a guideline for dealing with cause and effect and minimizing karma.

Meditation for Wealth and Intuitive Opportunity
This meditation can make it intuitively possible for you to live creatively to your own potential and to tap the opportunities around you.

"We need intuition because we want to know. If we don't know, we have to hustle. And all our precious life is wasted in hustling."

2 Stroke Breath to Connect the Subconscious and the Intuition
Stimulate the pituitary gland by focusing on the tip of the nose, to develop your intuition.

Initiation to Intuition
"If you are perfect in this posture, it will give you initiation into intuition. If you do this exercise for eleven minutes every day, you will develop such a powerful intuition - it will clearly warn you of any danger and you will have self-control when you are angry." 

Meditation for Guidance: Strengthen the Inner Voice
At times when the path of truth and clarity seems lost, calm yourself and still your mind. Then the path will be shown to you. 


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