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The Seeds of Aquarian Consciousness are Blossoming within your Heart

By Michael Neutrino

The language of the higher Self is action. The call to action was sounded on November 9, 2016. Did you hear it? Did you feel it? It is now time to take action.

The seeds of the Aquarian Age were planted in the 1960’s when a whole generation of young people revolted and looked for more truthful ways of living that were more in harmony with the Earth, each other and their Souls. As the years went by these ideas were thought to have fizzled out and disappeared under the stronghold of greed and selfishness. The world at that time was not ready for this massive change in consciousness.

But these seeds remained and were buried deep in the collective consciousness of humanity, patiently preparing and awaiting for this time to awaken. Now these seeds of truth have begun to sprout. The world is not devolving into darkness, it is being revealed. Truth is illuminating the darkness that has always been there; we just couldn’t see it. We must see it to heal it.

Yes, anger is on the planet and there are many rational reasons to be angry. And if you are angry then be gentle with your anger. Do not project it on the government, the police, or greedy corporations.

Instead, use your anger to launch the changes you know you need to make in your life.

Use your anger as the fuel to strengthen your sadhana practice.

Use your anger to stand up for love and what is true. 

Use your anger to surrender into your heart.

Like an alchemist, allow your anger to transmute into the frequency of love. When we do this together we become an incredible force field of love on this planet and all darkness has no choice but to bow before such a magnitude of Love.

These seeds of truth are sprouting in you, within your own precious heart. Do you feel a longing for harmony and peace in the world? Do you long to live a life without fear? Do you long for equality between the sexes, religions and all races of people? Do you long for prosperity for all sentient beings? Do you long for Truth to rule once again? These are the seeds longing for expression within you.

Do not be deceived by what you see with your two physical eyes; the world is ready for love.

Like Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, we must each play our role with gusto during this transition time. Show people what it means to live from your heart. Teach and share with people what you have learned through your experiences. Teach people to relax, trust and walk in peace. Teach people how to love themselves again.

Even if you believe that you do not love yourself, it doesn’t matter. As you give so you shall be given. This is the secret to live a life of peace—be generous with your spirit. It is the light within you that will change the world. You don’t even have to speak. Your presence will speak volumes.

Do not pray for a saviour to get us out of this mess; know that YOU are your own savior. Do not hope for peace; know that you are the peace. Allow these seeds of Aquarian Consciousness to blossom in your heart and then go out and share them with others. Share them with the lonely, the ones in despair and the ones that have forgotten what it means to be in the presence of love.

Michael Neutrino (formerly known as Catalyst Yogi) helps you to find your higher purpose and heal your inner child through transformational online programs. These programs use the tools of Shadow Mining, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and Spiritual Psychology. Participants also become members of a supportive global community with like-minded people that you can grow and change with on the healing journey. He also has many free resources available to help you transition into the Aquarian Age. Check the website for more details.