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Recognize Your Purpose & Fulfill Your Destiny

When we recognize our destiny and the purpose that accompanies it, we become present in a tangible and powerful way. We all experience this presence at times. Often it is unintentional. It awakens in us as we are absorbed in doing something we are committed to.

At other times we are driven to rediscover and align to our real purpose out of circumstance—usually an unpleasant one. This sometimes happens when success gives way to depression or boredom; when we experience an inexplicable, gradual drift from the sense of meaning in what we do; when a major transition upsets our life—by change of job, residence, marriage, death, war, or disaster; or when we are pressed by our own natural cycles of maturation to re-evaluate what, how, and why we do things.

The lived destiny that we have and the purpose that we fulfill are dynamic things, not static. They emerge from our relationship between our finite self and our Infinite Self. If we open our chakras with Kundalini Yoga and we establish a clear identity and consciousness, then we create and become aware of our highest destiny.

Our destiny is already given by our totality, by the momentum and potential of each of our actions over lifetimes. We can change our destiny to some degree by how we think and our ability to extend our aura and optimize the functions of our chakras and subtle centers.

We can tune in to our destiny and clarify it even as we co-create it through our discipline, commitment, and capacity. We can express it in words or phrases that capture not what—like a goal; or how—like a strategy; but who and why. 

Our brain has evolved over time to recognize patterns and to try and predict what's going to happen next from those patterns. We are hard-wired to search for predictability and security. You are so attuned to recognizing patterns that your entire life is suffused with your destiny. Your lived purpose leaves footprints everywhere across the landscape of your experiences. You just need to focus, to open up your perception and let the pattern uncover itself.

  • Put aside your expectations and replace them with a neutral anticipation and childlike curiosity.
  • Put aside your judgments of good and bad and dwell in gratitude with what is real.
  • Put aside beliefs and imprints from others and claim the beliefs that are authentic to your heart, soul, and experience.
  • Put aside your doubts and see your talents and gifts—emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially.
  • Put aside the constant whir of your life for the stillness and intuitive sensitivity of your consciousness.

In this way, the pattern of your destiny and the direction of your purpose will stand in this present moment and through every moment of your life, just as the pull of the current shapes the form of a river. As you sense that pull of destiny, capture it in words that will stir your passion for life and inspire others as well.

Excerpts reprinted from KRI Level 2 Life Cycles & Lifestyles

©2007 Kundalini Research Institute