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Meditation for Preventing Mega Information Syndrome

Mega Information syndrome is simply information overload caused by too much online time. When so much information is coming to us on a daily basis, it can cause neurological changes and deplete the central nervous system.

Symptoms include confusion, depression, feelings of emptiness, general overwhelm, and more. What is needed to protect ourselves is a meditative mind, developed intuition, a strong magnetic field, and deep relaxation.

This kriya helps to prevent Mega Information syndrome. 

Part One

Meditation for Creative Imagery

Hands on the knees; eyes closed. Bring the Saturn, Sun and Mercury fingers down onto the pad of the hand. Fingers are straight, not curled. Jupiter finger is pointing away from you and the thumb is pulled back comfortably.

Chant in a monotone: "I am Gyani." (One who is wise.) Try to sound mechanical, like a computer.

Continue for 5 minutes.



Part Two

Meditation to Prevent Going Berserk

Christ Mudra: Sun and Mercury fingers are pressed down by the thumb. The Jupiter and Saturn fingers are straight. Hands are on the knees; eyes closed.

Chant in a monotone: "I am Dhyani." (One who meditates.)

Continue for 5 minutes.


Part Three

Meditation for Faith

Thumb holds the Mercury finger down and the three fingers are straight. Chant in a monotone: "I am Imani." (The faithful one.)

Continue for 5 minutes.


Part Four

Meditation for Penetration in Communication

Keep the hands in the mudra from Part 3 but bring the three fingertips together in front of the body between the Heart Center and the Solar Plexus, fingertips pointing forward.

Chant: Ham Ham Brahm (pronounced Hum Hum Brum). (We are the indivisible vibration of God.)

Continue for 5 minutes.


Part Five

Meditation for Making Depression Disappear

The left hand is palm up; right hand is palm down. The hands make an X; lock the thumbs and breathe long and deep.

Continue for 11 minutes.


To End the Series:

After finishing this series, get up and sing and dance!

Total Time: 31 minutes

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. Used with permission.