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3HO Legacy Program

The 3HO Legacy Program has been created for two purposes:

 1. To support the funding of Yogi Bhajan's non profit 3HO Foundation.

 2. To create a living library of our 3HO family musicians & teachers as they play and teach at the 3HO Events. 

3HO is excited to offer this program that captures the inspiring live music and classes at 3HO events and makes them available to our 3HO family. 

In addition, the musicians and teachers that are featured will be giving back to 3HO, the nonprofit organization that Yogi Bhajan founded to inspire, educate, connect and serve humanity.

During the 3HO events we record select programs live and then offer them to our 3HO family for a suggested donation.  

We are able to take all of the wonderful live classes and performances offered at 3HO events and make them a part of 3HO history. 

Artists, teachers and performers who participate in this program agree to:

1. The recording of their class/performance and then receive 50% net profit from all donations for the first year the product is offered which is offered.  After one year, their work goes into the 3HO 

Legacy Program as a product and memorabilia that continues to generate funds for Yogi Bhajan’s 3HO nonprofit mission. 

Contributors also get a permanent link to their personal web page and other promotional opportunities.

We are thankful for the artists, teachers and perfomers for their kind generosity in rasing funds to keep the 3HO mission of Health, Happiness and Holiness reachable to all!

Live! Morning Sadhana Chants with Dev Suroop Kaur, Summer Solstice 2013

Live! Morning Sadhana Chants with Chardi Kala Jatha, Summer Solstice 2013