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The 3HO Foundation Team

Meet the Staff of 3HO Foundation International




Email: [email protected]

Pritpal Kaur is a KRI-certified Lead Teacher-Trainer. She studied at the feet of Yogi and Spiritual Master, Yogi Bhajan, for over 35 years and has dedicated much of her life to sharing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and the 3HO Lifestyle around the world. Along with being a KRI Lead Trainer, she is also a Sat Nam Rasayan Yogic Healer, an E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance, Spiritual Life Coach and the creator of “Excel and Celebrate,” a transformational program for women. Pritpal currently serves as CEO of 3HO Foundation International. She lives in New Mexico with her husband, Pritpal Singh.



3HO Events Director

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 505.629.1611

My favorite quote, teaching or life philosophy: “When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.” ~Yogi Bhajan, from the five “Sutras for the Aquarian Age” 




3HO Web Editor 

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 505.629.1618

What I do: I generate and organize content based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan for, with the help of our 3HO Bloggers. I produce Yogic Living, 3HO's monthly newsletter.

The best thing about serving 3HO: Sharing Yogi Bhajan's teachings that inspire, uplift, and connect hearts, minds and souls.

My Favorite quote: “If you use kind words, and you speak kindly, and you have kind behavior, another person will like to listen to you in spite of the fact that you are an idiot and stupid.” ~Yogi Bhajan

My Favorite teaching: You be you.

My Favorite life philosophy: Attitude of gratitude.



3HO Spiritual Names Administrator

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 505.927.1742

What I do: Help send out the Spiritual Names

The best thing about serving 3HO: Joy

My favorite quote, teaching or life philosophy: “God is like sugar spilled in the sand, the ant can access it easily, the elephant cannot.” ~Siri Guru Granth Sahib 



3HO Chief Financial Officer

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 505.629.0692

What I do: I’m the bookkeeper.

The best thing about serving 3HO: Getting to meet so many people and learning about other cultures and lifestyles.



3HO Director of Spiritual Names

Email: [email protected]

What I do: I was trained by Yogi Bhajan to continue his method of giving spiritual names.

The best thing about serving 3HO: The privilege and blessing to be a part of experiencing, witnessing and reading about the positive transformations and changes in people’s lives.



Director of Registration & Customer Service

[email protected]

What do I Do: I mainly run registration for our events, and customer service for the organization as a whole. I also help out with our event operations and produce the teaching program and booklet for our solstice events.

Favorite teaching: "We have five thousand years of human experiments and human experience at the universal level, which includes all thoughts, all forms, all religions, all practices, and all projections. It comes down to the basic fact that the human is created out of the ray of light of the creative, Infinite God, and the very human human existence is for happiness. This is the standard biological, psychological, sociological, fundamental truth." Yogi Bhajan, Excerpt from Psyche of the Soul