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2015 Numerology Forecast: Kindred Spirits and Common Causes

By Nam Hari Kaur

The Heavens have shifted, and there is now an increased flow of awakening energy beaming down on planet Earth. This new flow of awareness will have dramatic effects at times, and knowing that we live in a world of polarity, the dramatic intensity will run the gamut of positive and negative behavior. However, for the present moment, let’s focus on the positive aspects of the human experience for this year.

A Coalition of Consciousness

There will be an increase of people banding together for a common cause and vision. The intensity of purpose and passion will sometimes create an unlikely bond, as we will find ourselves overlooking our differences in favor of creating a unified spirit moving towards a common goal. We are now all feeling motivated to make things happen.

I can remember as a child watching the protests and marches of African Americans as they were fighting for their civil rights. Many individuals dropped their differences and worked together for the common cause. I have witnessed more recently the momentum in the Gay Rights movement for equality. I have seen mortal enemies call a truce in order to organize carpooling to get everyone out to the voting booths (“Just sit your fine self down in my 65’ Mustang!”).

It is now about creating a coalition of consciousness that will raise the awareness in the collective psyche of the planet to the point where no one is left out or victimized in any way. We will have the opportunity to realize the first Sutra of the Aquarian Age which is, “Recognize the other person is you.”

Self-Love and Manifest Destiny

As we are navigating this bold new landscape, we will soon come upon the realization that our thoughts and actions are having the capacity to manifest more quickly than ever before. This experience can be akin to a kid in a toy store who picks up off the shelf the Quantum Star Phaser, and begins projecting for what he/she would like to have, only to have it almost instantaneously manifest. This could be a little scary, and you definitely want to have your emotional house in order, because who needs 100 pizzas being delivered to your door when you’re not having a block party?

The key to your positive manifestation is, in part, your self-esteem. The Gift number of 2015 is a 6 (last two digits of the year, 1+5=6), and 6 represents love, self-esteem, family, community, protection, and the immune system. How much you love yourself, and are willing to take care of yourself by taking care of your immune system, will greatly determine the quality of what you attract.

In the science of the chakras, number 6 represents the Arc Line and projective psyche. Six as the Gift number for this year means we will now have an enhanced ability to attract, as well as be drawn to, our kindred spirits. As “down in the trenches” as last year was, 2015 brings a new field of dreams into play that can help you find your perfect partner, great house, or school for your child. This connectivity of spirit is what the Aquarian Age is all about.

Of course, let’s not forget the overall number for 2015, which is an 8 (2+0+1+5=8). Number 8 represents issues of power, money, healing, and fearlessness. You want to get your yoga on this year, or your choice of aerobic excellence, as 8 is the Pranic Body which holds our life force vitality.

Evaporation of All Fear

A powerful meditation to practice now is the Meditation for Keeping Up with the Times. This meditation will help you to break free of limiting self-concepts, as well as clear any lingering karma from last year. It’s time for a fresh start, and this meditation can deliver you to your destiny.                

As life is a learning and growing experience, we will feel challenged at times to overcome old fears. Number 8 cycles always bring expansion and new opportunity, as well as what is called “auspicious meetings with people.” In the natural flow of 2015 there are people who are important for you to meet and get to know. It may be business, friendship, or a new next door neighbor who brings a fresh breeze of sunshine into your life. Of course, we always need to have our meditative filter on (Arc Line!), so we can determine friend from foe. Remember, no last year re-runs!

The number 8 represents rhythm, and Yogi Bhajan has said, “Anything which isrhythmic is happy.” Catching the wave of our own rhythmic pulse, the synchronization of our breath and balanced brain chemistry is the way to all success and good fortune this year. This heightened awareness evaporates all fear, and naturally leads us on a path that has the sensory experience of an electrical kind of magic, merging our collective vision into manifesting the awaiting higher octaves of the Aquarian Age experience.

“The motivated self in you is nothing but your thought.When thought is added to the sphere of creativity, it becomes experience. Once it is experienced,it becomes reality.”
–Yogi Bhajan, 9-26-77

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