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Drugs and Kundalini Yoga Don't Mix!

Drugs Have Ruined Nations

“Drugs have not only done damage to human bodies, drugs have ruined nations. Drugs have ruined generations. I don't pay the bills for your alcohol, your two or three martinis. So I don't care what you do. But it will ruin you. Drugs in some shape or form will ruin you.

“The Chinese were very intelligent before they started doing opium. They were totally ruined. The Indian culture was great. It was a land of diamonds, milk and honey. It became enslaved. They were virtually taken and sold. Marijuana.

“The Egyptians were perfect. So perfect were they that through these pyramids they changed the weather of that land area. But what became of that strength? Peyote got them. You all know about the Roman Empire—you don't need to hear it from me. Alcohol took it to the ground. And you have all four of them!

“When you drink or you take drugs, you are a living drag.

“Drugs are not being taken for any other reason than that people cannot face their reality, yet drugs take them to non-reality. At that moment give them survival, that's all. Every stimulant, every drug, every love, every relationship is based on affirmation of non-reality.

“You are at an advantage if you are intelligent and you are not living on heroin and cocaine or any drugs. You are coming with a clean consciousness, with a unique personality, and from a tremendous strength. I don't think any drug can make a person super.”

-Yogi Bhajan, KRI International Teacher Training Manual

Drugs Increase Stress on the Nervous System

  • They energetically interrupt the natural balanced flow of the chakras and aura, forcing the nervous system to adjust.
  • The toxic overload also increases the stress.
  • The psyche creates the mistaken thought that we require the drug to feel God; that we are incomplete or helpless without it.

Use of recreational drugs is not recommended for anyone, but especially not for students of Kundalini Yoga, and most especially, not before practicing yoga. With a drug high, the powerful energies we excite may get out of control with unpredictable and possibly dangerous effects. You are a beautiful soul. Why cover that beauty in drug fog? Why dull your sensitivity and ability to experience the subtleties of life?

Kundalini Yoga students should be told to consult with their doctors about doing Kundalini Yoga if they have medical conditions and if they are taking prescription drugs.

Clearing the Effects of Drugs with Sadhana

“I know you may have taken LSD. You may have taken PCP. But you can get rid of the after-effects of these drugs if you are honest with sadhana. This is how it works. All of these drugs, stimulants, uppers, downers (including sleeping pills), control the opening and closing capacity of the working of the brain's metabolism. It is permissible to take a drug only under medical emergency. Otherwise, in any normal functioning brain, when you take drugs, you make it function abnormally.

“Many people who stick to sadhana have been found to be totally clear of the effects and abnormalities created by the use of drugs. An abnormality includes any physical, mental or spiritual abnormality. That is why sadhana has been designed to cover three areas: physical, mental, and spiritual. We want to dispense this every morning with the idealistic thought that the person may gradually benefit from it.

"You are not a miracle: you are the product of Sadhana.”

-Yogi Bhajan, KRI International Teacher Training Manual

Questions and Answers

Student: How about the smoking of marijuana?

Yogi Bhajan: Marijuana is the outcome of insanity. Marijuana has ruined one of the greatest civilizations of humanity: India. Marijuana grows in that country like a wild flower grows in the jungle. Smoking marijuana is the sickest thing on this planet. When you smoke it, it stimulates the brain cells and it constricts the spinal fluid, creating a drought condition in the skull.

The only positive use of marijuana is that it can be used as a remedy for severe digestive problems and for pain. A juice is made from the green leaves mixed with almonds and milk. It takes away the pain.

Student: What is the effect of cocaine in the mental and spiritual bodies (even if you use it not so much)? Can you clean up your internal karma from drug use? How? How do you work depression that appears when you have quit drugs?

Mukta Kaur (SuperHealth): Yogi Bhajan said that using cocaine even one time could seriously affect the pituitary gland. This creates a “drunk pituitary” which means you lose the subtlety of life; you are relegated to a gross earthly existence. One usage can disable your intuitive sensitivity which disrupts the ability to read in-between the lines and understand the unspoken word. Everyone has a past and everyone has a future. We look forward, not back. Repeating the same mistakes over and over again is foolish. We prefer to learn from our mistakes, which gives us wisdom.

Student: You once said in a lecture that if a person had ever done cocaine, he could never experience God. Is there any way we can compensate for this behavior?

Yogi Bhajan: Yes. Breath of Fire and Sa-Ta-Na-Ma Meditation are the fundamental techniques which can correct and cure any situation. Half an hour of Breath of Fire will help those who have sniffed cocaine even to the point of bursting their noses, and it will also help those who have done much worse things than cocaine. It's no big deal. It is based on simple logic. 

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan