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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Dwelling in the Sixth Sense

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on January 22, 2001

In eleven years (from 2001) we will move from the Information Age into the Sensory Age. To survive, it will be mandatory to use the sixth sense over and above the five senses. We now live in the five senses. We are emotional, insecure, and want security from our surroundings. We create relationships that break and businesses that fall apart. We are not in a position to cope with our environments, nor are we in harmony with nature.

We use our tattvas[1] to emotionalize our sensory system. We rationalize, argue, and create a trend of thought. We shape our thought to our liking and lose the original thought. A thought comes from the intellect to shape us. But we ignore it, delegating it to the subconscious mind; then it goes into the unconscious mind and makes us crazy. We shape thoughts into feelings, and feelings into desires, until they become neuroses. We can keep going but after awhile our life will become harsher, and harsher, and harsher.

In the Sensory Age there will not be any insecurity—you will understand security. When you bring security to another person and the other person brings security to you, you will mutually become one unit. If you understand that we are all human beings, you will immediately come to a sensory, emotional understanding, and life will be happy.

Once your meditative practice is real, you will immediately understand what another person is saying. This capacity will never be short term. Without mental discipline you have no choice in life. Those who have gone through the hardship of disciplining their thoughts through meditation can find liberation.

As long as we are dwelling in our five senses, we are asking for trouble. We must come to dwell in the sixth sense, which controls the five senses, the five elements, and the nine holes. To control and direct this trinity is the faculty of the Sensory Human. The faculties of a Sensory Human will be from here to Infinity. As we enter the Age of Aquarius we must rebuild ourselves to be sensory beings.

[1] Qualities associated with earth, water, fire, air, and ether.

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