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Yogi Bhajan Poem: First Snow

Read by Yogi Bhajan in class on 12/2/82

It was the first snow today. It snowed heavy and all around.

Heavens have put a white sheet around the Mother Earth to make it virgin. and none shall tread it again.

Mother Earth can sit deep under this white cover to be seen.

Heavens have come down and Earth has become white and shines like a star once again.

It has purified itself, it has purified itself and has come at par.

It is like a beloved's heart,

It gave up all its grief and like a youthful virgin it went under the sheet of relief.

Now, for some time, no one shall walk over it again.

Though they have brought huge machines and they are trying hard to tear the sheet of whiteness.

They are trying, they are dying with the spell of cold, they are dying, they cannot walk over it again.

Heavens have covered it like a lover's hand and Earth has become pure saying, God, God, God.

What a wonderful act of heavens to cover the Mother Earth.

What a relief though it is brief, they shall not walk over it for a while.

Mother Earth has gone under the cover of the heavens, and when heavens bless the soul, brightness covers it all, mortal feels the love, soul feels the strength and cries, God, God, God.

In God I dwell, like the star in the heavens above, like Mother Earth under the cover, pure for a while, untouched and in a heavenly bliss, enjoying the mellow sun of the winter.

Though they call me a sage and love me from the heart, love me from all sides, feel my depth and the breath of life.

The radiance comes out like a winter sun, enjoying the white snow which has covered the Mother Earth, and in the mountains, from the whispering winds, I hear, God, God, God.

Yogi Bhajan’s comments about this poem:

"Poetry has the power, it doesn't sink in fast. You have to listen to poetry with a deep concentration. I was touched so much by the melody of the Shabad, Guru Sikh Har Bolo, this morning. I wanted to complete this poem. It is a story of the soul. It's a story of consciousness and depth."

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan